Looking forward to the release of Sonic Generations?  It should be out from next month onwards, depending of course, on the region you live in.  In the meantime, you can play some Sonic games from the older days (in other words Sonic Adventure and prior), or alternatively you could do this!



Artist OSKUNK! has done an impressive paint job on a SEGA Dreamcast paying their respects to one very exciting launch title for the console.


Word has it from Aksys Games, that they’re porting Double Dragon games to Nintendo’s Virtual Console systems. The first Double Dragon game on the Game Boy will be available on the 3DS eShop later this week, and the NES version of Double Dragon 2 will be released on the Wii Virtual Console.  Wait a second!  Wii Virtual Console? What is going on!? Oh sure the North American and Japanese stores are still sporadically releasing games (where it kind of stopped for PAL in around June with Chrono Trigger).

Could the Wii Virtual Console be making a comeback? Fingers crossed!


This week’s chiptune (recommended by Christy B, thanks for that!) is from California’s own Producer Snafu. His album “NEStalgia” presents itself as quite an exuberant release full of Dubstep, IDM and Glitch influences. The tune above ‘Aerial Assault’, can be downloaded for free from the artist’s Bandcamp page, or for US$6.00 you can own the entire album which in my opinion is worth getting if you appreciate not just 8-bit music, but in particular 8-bit Dubstep.


Last but not at all the least, a T-Shirt that most gamers (including myself) would and should wear. I’ve not met anyone who has not yelled at a game, let alone get frustrated with one! Available on Red Bubble as various kinds of shirts, or as a hoodie.

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