Written by Ben Rosenthal

A few weeks back I posted what I considerd to be the Top 10 WORSE   games to appear on any Nintendo system.  These ranged from 3rd party   games such as Home Improvement and Wayne’s World, to abominations that   came from the land of Nintendo itself – I’m looking at you Mario in Time   and Donkey Kong 64 (great, now I have that damn DK Rap in my head again).

Not to be one to harp on the negative (my father does enough of that   for the both of us…oooo Daddy issues), I have compiled what I believe   to be the top 10 BEST Nintendo games to appear on any Nintendo  system. So come  with me as I don my flame resistant internet jacket, and give  you the blog aptly titled – THE TOP 10 NINTENDO GAMES TO APPEAR ON ANY  NINTENDO  SYSTEM

10. Pokemon Red/Blue (Game Boy)


The cute little animals that have more in common with cock-fighting   than I care to acknowledge are a phenomenon (or is that phenokemon?).    THese two titles, which started the whole Poket Monster craze, were   responsible for saving the somewhat flailing Nintendo.  For those of you   who have no idea what Pokemon is, nor ever played the game, I ask  which  vortex of Hell have you been sucked into for the past 15 years,  and  offer this quick description. Pokemon is an RPG, much like the  original  Zelda game, but is a turn-based fighter, much like the Final  Fantasy  series.  However, in this world you collect cute little  creatures by  stuffing them in tiny little balls, then bringing them out  to battle  other people’s cute little creatures in order to become the  number one  Pokemon trainer in the world – well, region (as later games  showed us).

One of the great appeals of the Pokemon games is the collecting and   training aspect.  With different types of Pokemon having different   strengths and weaknesses (a fire-type Pokemon is strong agianst a   grass-type, but weak against a water-type), combined with the surprise   factor of not knowning which Pokemon you arte to battle, the series has   some of the best replay value ever seen in an RPG.  Oh, and it taught kids how to play the pokies.  How Today Tonight missed THAT story I will never know.

The slogan was ‘Gotta Catch ‘em All’, with 150 (alright, 151 if you   include Mew) Pokemon to catch in total.  However, with the subsequent   games, that number has now sprouted to just under 500 Pokemon.  As such,   the slogan was dropped.  However, some dedicated few have still  managed  to ‘catch ‘em all’.  Yes, it was me.

Both a fanastic game and series, Pokemon Red/Blue is an essential   game to play on any system.  Just stay away from the Anime, that sucks   (Hey, Team Rocket, you’re looking for rare Pokemon to give to your   boss?  How about your Meowth that FREAKING TALKS!)


9.Street Fighter 2 Turbo (SNES)

Personal aniqudote time! As a  kid, there was this place called  Skateline, where kids from all round  Adelaide came weekend after  weekend to rollerskate around a big rink.   There was also a kick-arse  arcade section, where people like myself went  to play Street Fighter 2  on an arcade cabinet in stead of going around  said rink.  This explains  why I cannot skate well, and also explains my  totla kick-arsey at  Street Fighter 2.  However, then something bad  happened, and I’m not  talking about Killer Instinct.  Skateline shut  down, and with it went  my beloved Low Boy Street Fighter 2 Cabinet.

A  few years later, the greatest console to ever grace the planet  came to  fruition – the Super Nintendo.  I was not allowed to get a SNES  at  first, as my parents did not think I needed another console, EVEN  though  Street Fighter 2 was released on it.  However, once Street  Fighter 2  Turbo came out, with fully playable bosses and a faster,  closer  representation of what I once played on my beloved Low Boy (that  just  sounded wrong), nothing could stop me – well, elephants probably  could  have…but they didn’t.

Street Fighter 2 on the the SNES was  fantastic.  As stated above, it  was almost a complete cope of the arcade  game, with only a few minor  frame jumps during certain moves (Bison’s  psycho-crusher, for  example).  The controls were easy to use, and in my  opinion, could  quite possibly be better than playing Street Fighter 2 on  the arcade.   What was even better, I could play it at home, without the  need to go  out and ‘socialise’ with the rest of the Nothern suburb  scum, AND I had  enough money left over to take up drugs! (I kid, I kid,  only most of  the Nothern suburb people were scum).

Street Fighter 2  is a classic arcade game, and the faithful SNES  game allowed many a  person to enjoy the best damn beat-em-up in the  comfort of their own  homes.  Now if you will exscuse me, I’m off to  play it on my Virtual  Console, and then to rehab.

8. Super Mario Kart (SNES) 

Possibly one of the most ripped-off games  ever, the original Mario Kart was the beginning of all of those “Mario  Golf, Mario Tennis, Mario Lawn Bowls” games that we see today.  And why  do we see some any of these games?  Becasue the orignal Mario Kart is  awesome.  Playing as Mario or one of his many friends (or enemies), you  raced around various race tracks, each with  it’s own different Mushroom  Kingdom theme.  The goal was to beat everyone else and finish first.   Simple, yes?  Well, to liven things up a tad, you are given items to  throw at the other racers in order to improve your chances of wining,  and also have your friend yell obscenities at you and the screen, before  biting the controller and throwing it against the wall (I had some  wierd friends).

Unlike it predecessors, there are no blue shells.  The computer AI  was fair, so that if you were good enough, you could possibly lap second  place.  This is unlike the game’s later incarnations, where for no  reason at all second place zooms up behind you and wins just as you were  about to cross the finish line (as opposed to the Danish line).  No  sir, there is no Super Mario Khance here.  I only have one question –  why is the best character in the game, Koopa Trooper, not available in  any other Mario Kart?  We have to deal with Toad?  Toad sucks!

7. GoldenEye (Nintendo 64)

I can still watch the opening sequence of  this movie and know exactly where Bond is coming from due to the layout  of the first level.  What made GoldenEye so great?  The focus was on  fun.  Walking around, shooting people in the knees with a gun, and  having them react.  Jumping in a tank and running over Communists.   Getting Natalya and Xenia to stand in certain locations so you could see  up theri pixilated skirts (admit it, you all did it), this game was  just FUN.  Then if one became bored, you were able to play different  modes in the game, such as Pain ball mode, where your gun shot pain  balls instead of bullets, enabling you to write messages on walls (until  they faded due to the sprite count) or DK Mode, where everyone was  given long arms, big heads and an unsaciable urge throw barrels at you.

Unlockable content was a big part of this game, with villians from  previous Bond films coming into play (Odd Job was such a cheap character  to play as – didn’t stop me) as a part of the vast, exciting and fun  mulitplayer section.  In fact, GoldenEye was a must-by just for the  multiplayer.  Running around corridors, shooting at friends, planting  landmines, setting up proximtry mines and sniping off other players just  made this game a must have.  The only negative thing I can say about  this game is the box art;

I mean seriously, what the hell is wrong with his face?

6. The Legend of Zelda – A Link to the Past (SNES)

Billed by  many as the greates tof Link’s Adventures, A Link to the Past (it’s a  pun, geddit?) follows our hero from a simple lad who sleeps in to  much, to becoming the true holder of the mystical Master Sword, and  vanquishing Gannon from the land of Hyrule forever.  A Link to the Past  was  huge game, taking many people well over 40 hours to complete.  It  also introduced the concept of different worlds to the Zelda universe,  with Link travelling between the Light and Dark world’s in order to  complete his quest.

Not only was A Link to the Past a big step  up from its NES predecessors in terms of playability and graphics, but  the soundtrack was also miles above from whence it came.  Hyrule and  it’s characters seemed to come alive, with the music adding to a  characters tale.  While many games before this has different themes fro  different worlds and stages, A Link to the Past gave the player a look  into the characters of the game by jerking around with their emotions  through the vast array of musical compositions.

Not that this has anyting to do with the game, but I think you all should see how The Legend of Zelda SHOULD be;

5. Mario 64 (Nintendo 64…obviously)

Perhaps one of the most significant games in the whole of gaming  history (Nintendo seems to produce a lot of those). Mario 64 was the  VERY FIRST game to have a character exploring a 3D world.  Bowser had  once again kidnapped the Princess, locking her away in her own castle. It was Mario’s task to this time collect stars so they he may work his  way through said castle, unlocking the doors with the ‘star power’, in  order to beat down Bowser yet again and get some cake.  Yup, Peach  backed him some cake (on a side note, this is the very first time we are  told the Princess’ first name – save that for your trivia comps).

What made this game fun was the way Mario moved about the stages.  He  was like a big bouncy ball, jumping off everyone and everything.  We  saw the implimentation of the wall jump, the tripple jump, and of course  the butt pound. It was also the game where we heard Mario speak for the  very first time.  Who would have thought that a stereotypical portail   of an Italian man would have such a realistic and non-stereotypical  Italian voice?

Hidden levels, new powers-ups and a kick-arse sound track, this 3D  adventure gave amazing replay value and is still one of the most  reveared titles in games today.

4. Chrono Trigger (SNES)

“It’s About Time” was the catchphrase fo this game, possibly one of the best ever created – ever (it certainly is the best pun).  You play mute hero, Crono, as he travels through time saving friends, killin bad dudes and learning magic – oh AND SAVING THE ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD/TIMELINE.

Until it’s DS release, Chrono Trigger had never officially been released in the PAL region.  That did not stop many a gamer from importing it – even my local game leasing place at the time had Chrono Trigger to hire (provided you also hired the adapter…bastards).

The game is huge – as with many time travel stories, if you make a certain decision at at certain point in the game, it will have ramifications throughout the rest of the game – these can range from Glen returning to his human form, to Magus joining the crew, to the comoplete and utter destruction of the entire timeline.  In all there are 13 different endings.  Yup, 13,and to this day I have yet to encounter anyone who has finished it with each ending.  If you have, get onto Twin Galaxies right now, my friend.  Your name could be up there with Steve Weibe and Billy Mitchell (and wouldn’t THAT be something).

So popular that this classic was not only remade on the PlayStation, but to the DS too, with famed Dragon Ball artist Akira Toriyama’s Bird Studio animating some spectacular cut scenes throughout the game.  Just check out this awesome, non spoileriffic cutscene

Overall, Chrono Trigger has it all – great graphics, fantastic RPG gameplay, huge sprawling storylines and catchy, snappy music.  This game is pure awesome and insist that you purchase it immediantly – if you can find a copy.

3. Super Mario World (SNES)

“What the hell is wrong with Yoshis penis?”

This launch title for the SNES took all the cool aspects of the previous 3 Mario Bros games, and multiplied them by a squillion.  Hidden exits, the introduction of Yoshi, switch palaces – they all began here.  The map system was teh key to the whole game, allowing players to choose their path, and guess as to which levels may have another exit (or two) within.

Much like the previous games, Mario World is a side scrolling adventure, with Mario attempting to battle through different stages of the Mushroom Kingdom in order to rescue Princess Peach…again.  SHe should really get some pepper spray or something.  With a slew of new characters, both there to aid and un-aid Mario in his quest, Mario World is quite possibly the quintessential Mario Bros title.  The fact Luigi is nowhere to be seen is a massive plus.
Still need more convincing?  Then have a look at the ad which originally advertised this great game.  Now you’re playing with power – SUPER POWER.  What?

2. The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Yes, it’s number 2 and A Link to the Past is not.  Before you come at me with pitchforks, let me explain my reasoning.  While it has many similarities to A Link to the Past, Ocarina was the first 3D Zelda adventure.  Why is this so important – you can become more immeresed in your surroundings.  Rather than the overhead view we were used to seeing of a Zelda game, Ocarina put us directly into Link’s world.  Suddenly you could not see what threats were coming, or what awaited you in a room.  It made the game feel much more ‘real’.

Together with a vast storyline, beautifly compsed music and TIME TRAVEL, Ocarina of Time clearly is the most impactful game in the Zelda series, and is still remebered by many to this day.

The only negative thing I can say about Ocarina of TIme?  No classic Zelda theme anywhere in the game.  Nope, nowhere.  Oh, and some of you may bitch about these pictures being in Hyrule Castle:

To you few I say this: Get a life dude, seriously.

And now, here it is.  The greatest, most awesomestgame to ever rock in the entireity of existance is (imagine a drum roll in your head right now for me – or better yet, do a drum roll on your belly)

1. Super Mario Bros (NES)

The original, and STILL the best.  Name me one person who has not, nor still continues to play this game (which until very recently was the highest selling console game – damn you Wii Sports for your simple fun gameplay).  So simple, yet so addictive, Mario Bros is truely the one game responsible for the current rise of the video game (sure, argue Pac Man or Donkey Kong, but it’s my blog and your wrong).

I’m not sure what else can be said about this fantastic game, other than I believe I could beat this 5 min speed run (and I could do it without a hack – damn cheaters trying to make themselves look good).

As always, there are some games that I could not fit into this list, and would like to make mention of them now –

Majora’s Mask – possibly the best time travel game out there.  The only thing that prevented many people from fully enjoying (or playing through) this title was the fact that you were stuck as a crappy little Deku scrupfor the entire first temple.  If you can stick out tedious jumping and no attacks to speak of, the rest of the game is very much worth playing.  Even the side quests have something added to them with the time-travel element.

Donkey Kong Country – When this game came out, I was blown out of my freaking mind.  When Stunt Race FX was the supposed ‘future’ of graphics (why didn’t I put that horrible game in my Worse List?), Donkey Kong Country gave life to a system that was rapidly falling under the might of the PlayStation.

Mario Kart 64 – took a fantastic game and made some more improvements to it

Smash Bros series – Fun fun fun – and the Wii version has a HUGE replay factor.  Now we just need a version where Mario rips off Sonic’s head, with his spine dangling down and blood pooling from the wound.  Just like the pictures I used to draw in primary school.

Wii Sport – the current Champion of the Most Units sold – nothing to do with it being bundled with the Wii. No sir, nothing at all.

Donkey Kong Country 2 – the last of the truly great SNES games.  Sure, there was a 3rd in the series, but I’ll lump that into the same trash can as Donkey Kong 64.

There you have it – the Top 10 Nintendo Games to appear on any Nintendo system.  Agree? Disagree?  I don’t care, I’m off to grab a coffee.

Tell us your top 10 ‘bestest’ games of all time to appear on any nintendo system in the forums.

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