When you need to game, you need a place to put your drinks, feet, or even the console itself right?

Then why not grab yourself a pixel mosaic coffee table? Etsy store ushanz sells tables with tops depicting pixelated characters from video games to show your dedication. The artist does different designs as well, depending on what you’re looking for.



This week’s chiptune of the week goes to the artist J3ST3Rx from the US. The tune is ‘Space Pod and Me’ and is featured on the artist’s debut E.P ‘Pixel City Night’, which is for sale on Bandcamp. It’s a great dance track, and is reminiscent of Trance music. J3ST3Rx’s music is also featured in the iOS homage to arcade platform games “Arcade Jumper” as mentioned the other day.



Speaking of iOS, I came across this ‘runner-style’ game recently, entitled Super Bit Dash. The premise of the game (well, storyline really), is that you control a character which you can swipe in numerous directions to move. Each level is also randomly generated. But don’t be fooled by the slowness of the character’s movement in the beginning, as it speeds up!  And the faster the character runs, the faster the screen scrolls, thus building up more of a challenge.  Super Bit Dash is now available on the iOS App Store (AU99c iPhone/iPod Touch).



And to conclude today’s post, I have a question for you!  What if Ghosts & Goblins had lyrics? Well friends, Brentalfloss shows us how it’s done!  This clip has some catchy (and slightly crude) lyrics, and no doubt will make you chuckle, especially if you’re a fan of the Ghost & Goblins (or Ghouls & Ghosts) games.

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