A while back I mentioned an artist I’ve been following almost daily on Tumblr, who goes by the moniker Noirlac.  Noirlac creates a lot of amazing low coloured, retro artworks (some even animated) which I have to say, have a place in my heart. :)




So I’m happy to say that Noirlac now has a store set up for selling T-shirts, iPad cases and iPhone covers. Be sure to drop by http://noirlac.tumblr.com/ and explore the archive. Really, really cool work on there!

Hot on the heels of celebrating Sonic’s 20th Anniversary, SEGA have announced the release of the second demo to the up and coming Sonic Generations for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles. For those of you lucky enough to have played the first demo which came out in mid June this year, you would have found the demo to be an awesome tribute to the first Sonic games that embraced the gaming world. Sonic Generations Demo number two will be out on the 19th of October in European Regions (which as you folks may know, includes Australia in many cases), and the release date for the game itself will be in November of this year.


This has to be, by far, one of the most manic homebrew mash-ups of retro-gaming I’ve ever seen! ROM Check Fail combines numerous classic arcade games glitched together in a massive ROM Fail dummy spit. As you can see in the YouTube video above, the game will randomly spit out different sprites, pixels, stages, and characters you control. As for availability? Well..


And finally, the other day I was fumbling around on the App Store and came across this title. Arcade Jumper! is a game dedicated to all arcade and home console platfomers of the 80’s and 90’s. It’s a very colourful platform game where you simply have to rack up a large score to get tickets for unlockables, and it also features an 8-bit soundtrack by J3st3rx. Arcade Jumper! is available as a universal release, that is, not only on the iPhone, but iPad as well, including support for numerous external bluetooth peripherals like the iCade. The game is now available for AU$1.99 (App Store Link)

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