We all know this fact, that sleep is essential to get energy to keep gaming, but this takes things to the next level:




Okay, this individual made it for her brother, who evidently loved and still loves the NES. The rest of the gallery is on Instructables.com. However she has no guide on how to make the bedsheets, pillows and quilt covers.



Talk about a buzz kill, Sony accidentally posted that Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6 was going to be released on PSN this week in the U.S. They responded the next day via Twitter that it was an accident and they incorrectly reported the release. Why is this a buzz kill? Because the Playstation version of Chrono Trigger stands out above any other release, yes even the original SNES one. The Playstation version includes anime cut scenes by Akira Toriyama’s Bird Studio (of the Dragonball fame). At least it’s in the list of games to be released, but only Sony know when that will be.

GamePro has a top 7 list of video game themes recreated on the Marimba. Props to these guys in the YouTube video above for doing an obscure theme from a highly underrated game in the Mega Man series: Mega Man X.



Looking for a gift for someone who is also a big fan of Pac-Man? Look no further, as Etsy store owner beWOWWOW is selling a cute ring with the Pac-Man ghosts in it. Be quick though, as there’s only one left at the store.

Last but not least, this hands down has to be the most epic Mario tribute video I’ve seen yet, backed with a Medley of tunes guaranteed to tickle the spine. Featuring the work of 40 producers, this video definitely looks like something that Nintendo should make official. Just saying is all ;)

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