We are all very fortunate to live in this day and age in terms of gaming.  Gamers have never had it this good!  The fact that we can embrace the latest technology, consoles and gaming, and yet still easily access and play the nostalgic games and consoles as well, is so satisfying and quite a privilege!



Even better that video gaming can be done on computer, home console and now many more portable devices.  Here’s another home-made conversion of a classic console (in this case the NES) crammed into a portable hand-held games console. Dubbed the HandyNES, it’s designed to play any region NES cartridge on the go.   A very cool alternative for anyone who doesn’t want to have their classics converted to 3D or ROM.


Whilst still on a Chrono Trigger-playing high, I came across this funny video of what Robo’s theme song would be like with lyrics, or so I was led to believe by the title!  No folks, this isn’t me flogging a dead horse here with a rickroll… The gag here is that the Robo theme in the actual game sounds very similar to Rick Astley’s anthem “Never gonna give you up”. Have a listen to the original theme tune for yourself!


Chrono Trigger isn’t the only retro game to get the spotlight on the iOS App Store or the Android Marketplace lately. Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk recreated by Codemasters, came out the other day as well. This was one helluva platform game for home computers back in the day and has gotten a cult following over the years as well!

The game is available as separate apps for iPad and iPhone on the App Store, and is also available on the Android Marketplace.



Check this out folks!  This beautifully crafted Arcade console has been custom-made.  Pretty slick looking if I don’t say so myself. Made by artist Love Hultén, this device is called the r-kaid-6, and is a console inspired by retro video gaming which has a 10 year old PC inside running the Maximus Arcade front end. Very cool, I’m even very tempted to get one for myself!



And finally for today’s post, some light humour!  Here is a website with a collection of animated GIFs of Sonic running like an idiot. Enjoy! :D

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