Video games are often spawned from films these days in order to help promote them, (and yes, to make bags of money as well) but there are also many products which are manufactured specifically to push the sale of video games themselves, i.e. merchandise.  A comprehensive video game merchandise list would probably include such things as: confectionery, dolls, figures, posters, shirts, bags, and hats just to name a few, but earrings?

Well, these are not officially endorsed by the source, and they are to be found on a less commercial site, but these little gems are inspired by one of our favourite Classic video games- Pac-Man, and would be quite at home amongst all the other items.


Laura on Etsy has started up a rad shop where she sells earrings inspired by video games (both old and new) exclusively. Take these Pac-Man earrings for example, they appear to be quite well-crafted, and quite frankly, just the simple beauty of hand-made jewellery is always impressive in itself! :D


This week’s Chiptune is the track Kepler’s Star Catalog from New York’s 8-bit Rock band Starscream. It’s featured on the EP Future, and it doesn’t work.  This is an awesome tune, which I would think to be perfectly suited for a Monday morning when we all need to get back into the swing of things.


And so we come to…

The Eternal Question: Why must the selection of desktop wallpaper always be such a chore?

Who knows really, but this may change the tide for some people, and even inspire them to just stick with one! I stumbled upon this by chance on Reddit, where I found Redditor ‘Dawza’ and some other users sharing some great images to hit the desktops with, making your choices simple and easy for once!


And last but not at all least, Good Old Games last week announced the release of Little Big Adventure, and yet again they’ve dropped another good old game for sale. This time it’s the sequel to Little Big Adventure, and it’s called Twinsen’s Oddyssey. Without ruining the storyline from the last tale, Twinsen this time faces a new threat on the planet of Twinsun. The game moves away from the isometric-only perspective like in the previous game, and this time combining both isometric and 3rd person. If you thoroughly enjoyed the previous game then there is no doubt that you will love this one too. Available on


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