What a weekend, looks like I’m going to be getting myself a PS3 finally. Today is the day that the prices will drop, like you could get a 160GB model for AU$349 (RRP). Going to go and score one on Thursday methinks. As much as I look forward to playing all the exclusives on that which aren’t on the 360, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what retro stuff will be available for it on the PSN store as well. I’m hoping Destruction Derby is on there. Such a fun game! That and the original WipEout. Alrighty, lets get on with today’s post!



Source: Flickr user Trapped29

It’s always refreshing to check out street art all around the world, especially game-related stuff. This one was spotted in France. Meh who cares if it’s just black and white? Personally I think it suits :)


Remember Rally-X? Well, here’s another title that has gone on the reboot wagon. Namco Bandai has released Rally-X Rumble for the iOS a few days ago. First impressions that I got from it, is that this title for some strange reason brought me back strong memories of a video arcade I used to frequent right by the bay. The controls are jerky (like how it was on the arcade), graphics have improved a heap (or not, depending on the side of the argument), but yeah, it’s alright for for AU$0.99, especially IF you were a fan of the game. (App Store Link)

This week’s tune once again isn’t an 8-bit piece, but more inspired BY 8-bit. Technodrome are a Melbourne band who cover game theme tunes to conventional music instruments. Their music is available for free on Technodrome.Bandcamp. The video I had to pick best for demonstrating how entertaining their music really is, is the one above, which is a Mario Medley. Pretty catchy and I’m glad they didn’t start it with the blooming World 1-1 music of Super Mario Bros. I don’t know about you guys, but I’m getting sick of that tune.. Either way, these guys are great! Hope they tour around the countryside :D

And finally, Nintendo has splurted out a new trailer for Starfox64 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.. All I can say is, WOW, it looks amazing! I’m sincerely hoping that all the folk I know that have a 3DS are going to be allover that. Especially for the multiplayer. 9th September this year it’ll be out.

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