I have previously mentioned an artist by the name of OSKUNK!, who creates slick looking decals for old game consoles.




Once again we see another great design, this time on the first-gen Game Boy with some adorable Tetris pieces to boot.



And now let’s take a look at this cool looking retro fashion from Anrealage, where 8-bit as the key theme is incorporated into the clothing design. And for those of you interested in purchasing items from the fashion label, then the good news is…you can! A new shopfront has opened in Japan. The table and chairs look so amazing!


Source: Rezlmix

Hey now, with Halloween just around the corner (for those of you who do celebrate it), there would no doubt be people out there dressing up as their favourite game characters at parties and events. However, maybe not everyone wants to dress up for the festival, so perhaps they might want to kick back on the SNES and hammer out some Zombies Ate My Neighbours (or Zombies as it is called in UK/PAL regions) instead!


And finally…

Oh sure, you COULD perhaps play video games with your hands…but that would be boring compared to this guy who not only attempts, but succeeds, with finishing Mario 64 with his feet! Complete with loads of awesome foot jokes, this video also has a small screen of the guy’s feet using the controller in the bottom left-hand corner of the screen! Impressive! :D

Be sure to go to the Vicas3 YouTube channel, which has more videos of this amazing feet feat.

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