Pinch and a punch, first day of the month! No backsies!! *ahem* Okay, well as stated, the winner of the Voltron Lion Force Collection DVD boxset shall be announced in today’s post. What is it again? This;



Congratulations goes to Sam Wallwork. Thanks everyone for participating, not only I need to now get rid of the finger smudges on the screen, I also need to make a competition for closer to the end of the year.. Maybe this time I might give away 3 prizes instead of 1 prize. Until then, lets get on with today’s post;


Image source: Strapya World

So yesterday I mentioned the Famicom iPhone 4 case yeah? Well, I’ve found the site in English, with more cases, including some pretty cool looking SEGA-themed ones! The site? So they have a choice of a Dreamcast, Mega Drive (or Genesis), Saturn, and not pictured above a Puyo Puyo one to boot. All cost around AU$25 give or take.


Image Source: Gamesradar

Did you get yourself a Nintendo 3DS before August the 12th? In other words, for $350 instead of $250? Ooops? Narrrr Nintendo are compensating the early adopters with a slew of classic games on both the NES and Game Boy virtual consoles, for you to download for free on the 3DS eShop! Here’s the list (taken from, please note that this isn’t the full list as Nintendo will be releasing the titles in patches from 1st September.. wait.. that’s today!);

On the NES Virtual Console: Super Mario Bros., Donkey Kong Junior, Balloon Fight, Ice Climber, and Legend of Zelda

And on the Game Boy Virtual Console: Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3, Mario Kart: Super Circuit, Metroid Fusion, Warioware, Inc., and Mario vs Donkey Kong (thus far)


Alrighty, in the world of Desktop computers, two interesting releases for this week, first off, have announced that you can grab the first 3 Ultima games in one pack. I mean why not? this is one of many means where the more common PC-based Role-Play Gaming started to pick up it’s pace. I should remind you that all games from Good Ol’ Games have been optimised to work fluently on current builds of Windows (XP/Vista/7).


And for all you Mac owners out there, you’re not forgotten, as DotEmu has announced that the Irem Arcade hits is now available on the Mac App Store (Store Link). This pack for AU$10.49 includes the following titles: Air Duel, Battle Chopper, Blade Master, Cosmic Cop, Dragon Breed, Gunforce 1 & 2, Hammerin’ Harry, Image Fight, In the Hunt, Kung-Fu Master, Legend of Hero Tonma, Mystic Riders, Ninja Spirit, R-Type Leo, Superior Soldiers, Undercover Cops, and Vigilante.

And finally, here’s a cool spin on a classic puzzle game. Not Tetris 2 is a free download for OSX, Windows, and Linux from, the same people that are working on Mari0, as mentioned yesterday. So Not Tetris 2 differs to Tetris mainly in physics. The bricks are not bound to the strict right angle movements anymore, they can be lodged at any angle. Not sure about it? Hey, it’s FREE! Also check the YouTube video above. Looks fun and annoying to me :D

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