Good old Games has recently added a new developer to their list of amazing partners.  Team 17 has no doubt made quite an impact on PC games,  in particular from the 90’s.  They are the creator of many classics like Worms, Body Blows, Alien Breed and Superfrog, and are now the latest contributors to the Good Old Games library with the following games:


First up is Worms United (includes the first Worms game with the Reinforcements add-on), which originally came out on Amiga/CD32, Mac, DOS, SNES, Mega Drive, Saturn, Playstation, Jaguar, and even Game Boy.

Then there’s Alien Breed (with the Tower Assault add-on), which originally came out on Amiga/CD32, and DOS.

Next week the following will be available:

Super Frog, which originally came out on Amiga/CD32 and DOS,

and World Rally Fever, which originally came out on DOS.  A great swag of games and a great welcome to a classic game developer!
Got a NES and an Etch-a-Sketch?  This hacker has conjured up a system where a NES can be used to control an Etch-a-Sketch. The things people come up with nowadays just astound me!  Mashing two geeky, yet iconic retro gadgets into one…why not?

If you’re after a new pair of sneakers to show the world how geeky you really are, then this Etsy store might be for you!  Especially if you’re more faithful to the NES than anything else.

Whilst on an Etsy safari I found some framed pictures of consoles and characters in 8bit.  There’s a large selection to choose from, which are definitely worth checking out if you’re after new art for your house!

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And last but not least, anyone lucky enough to have played the superb reboot of the classic Mortal Kombat will be in for a treat.  Warner Bros. have announced the release of the “Komplete Edition” of the game as a downloadable package. This package includes all the DLCs (additional characters, fatalities and costumes), an album with music from the 2011 Mortal Kombat game, as well as the first Mortal Kombat movie from 1995. This package will be available on Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network in a country with a proper classification system near you.

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