Christmas is getting closer, and I’ve been noticing an increase in the appearance of really geeky Christmas decorations and trinkets on the web.

Like these 8 and 16-bit cartridges that not only light up with LED lights, but also include a Homebrew game where you must defend your fireplace from other intruders. The perfect gift for any retro gamer who embraces the spirit of Christmas.

Available at RetroUSB.



Now here are some slick looking icons for applications on your Mac or PC. There are a total of 30 different icons available (so what you see above is just the tip of the iceberg).  Heck, even the Gravis Joypad is included!

By Deviant Art user Deleket.


Need a portable gaming device that looks modern enough to appear legit, but on the inside, it’s an emulator & ROM’s field day? Well the PlayMore will let you play a slew of emulated classic console games (SNES, Mega Drive, NES, etc). And if you’re quick enough, perhaps a stocking stuffer?



Last but not least, here’s a funny cartoon with a mixture of console and cryptozoology. Loch-NES… Haha!  Get it?  Of course you do!

Bigger image on the website (also available to purchase as a print).



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