Every day I tend to find great artwork that people do, to express their passion, their acute interest in classic video gaming. Everyone’s showing their artistic impressions in a different way, this one is quite obscure from the expressions that many of the characters have;



Source: Deviant Art user Jasinski

Great piece of art there, one to definitely frame and put up over a mantlepiece, if you have one of them in your house that is :P Definitely captures the moment as a whole of what classic gaming is really all about. The frustrations, the happiness, the sadness, and overall memories playing the games back in the day.

This here comrades, is the trailer for the reboot of Double Dragon 2 on XBLA. And when I say this is a reboot, I mean it. Graphic/audio/gameplay overhaul (and at the same time trying not to veer too off course from the original classic video game). Should be out soon hopefully. Whilst on the topic of Double Dragon, the remake on iOS has dropped to AU$1.99 (at the time of posting this).

Image Source: Toucharcade


Looks like fun! I’ll give it a whirl and let you guys know what I think of it later on down the track: App Store Link



 Whilst on the subject of phone games, how many of you owned a Nokia phone from the late 90’s onwards? I gather plenty of you folk! Okay, no doubt then you’ve played to death that Snake game on the phone, correct? Well this had to happen, in an Inception kind of way.. Somebody released Snake ’97 for the iOS platform (AU$0.99 / FREE). So you get a choice of different Nokia handsets from the good ol’ days, and pretty much play Snake on them. Might as well give it a shot folks!











And finally, I’ll end today’s post with this; About a month or so ago, I finished Assassin’s Creed 2 (still have to move on to Brotherhood and Revelations), and must say I’ve had a lot, A LOT of fun with it. I’m a sucker for storylines evolved around Renaissance Europe, conspiracy theories and age-old sects and societies. And here I find a video that depicts what Assassin’s creed would be like in 8-bit. Beautiful!!

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