As we grow older, we continue to educate younger generations with history. Video gamers are no exception.




This comical diagram shows the frustrations of a possible future for video gaming. One would certainly hope that history comes full circle later on down the track, by going back to simple systems of cartridges.  :P



Who doesn’t like Duke Nukem 3D? To be honest, it would probably be people who played it on the iOS. I reviewed it for the iPhone last year and was appalled by the controlling system. I can only hope that android gamers don’t get the same curse, as Duke Nukem 3D is now available on the Android marketplace.



Did you miss out on the Tokyo Blip festival? Yeah, I missed it too.  :(

And from what I’ve heard, it’s been absolutely amazing! So for everyone who missed out (including me), here’s one of the recordings of the after party for Tokyo Blipfest!  I must say, watching this video is getting me more excited about Blipfest Down Under in February next year!



Lastly, we have a new release from PixelJunk this week on the Playstation Store, it’s called Sidescroller. This game goes back to the roots of side-scrolling shooters, with fluid controls and slick, retro-style graphics that have a modern twist. So if you’re after a sweet homage to space shooters side on, Sidescroller would definitely fit the pallet!

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