Asteroids is one of the most well-known classic arcade games from the beginning of video game history. Simple yet so much fun; shooting asteroids on the screen whilst you punt around in a space ship. Definitely not a common title seen ported either.


Or so I thought until I saw this title on the iOS App Store. Martian Miner brings back that old-school feel of Asteroids with a new style of controlling (drag along ship with finger to control flight, and tap on screen to shoot), with a wide range of power-ups. Martian Miner is available for the iPad for AU$0.99c (App Store Link)


Recently, I posted up information about an art exhibition at Gallery 1988 in California, which was exhibited last month. Good news for people who wanted to purchase some artwork, as Gallery 1988 have put some pieces on their website for sale. Visit to see what is available for purchase.



Have any of you ever played Adventure Island? It doesn’t matter which platform, besides SEGA consoles of course… (I promise this is the last joke about Wonderboy).  Anyway, there’s good news for fans of not only the 3DS, but classic platform games which were on the Game Boy. Adventure Island is coming out this week on the 3DS eShop! Looks like a fun title, worth getting? Sure :)



Speaking of Game Boy… check this out!!

Even though I completely missed Halloween on Monday, its okay, because Flickr user KodyKoala has uploaded photos of a modified zombie for the world to see! So Awesome! :D



Last but not least, here is a parody involving video game characters (naturally) about a piece of history, which was a pretty big deal for the citizens of the United States. 8-bit Obama speaking about the Video Game Health Care bill. Nice to see some classic and obscure cameo appearances in the video as well. Hilarious! :D


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