Halloween may be over for this year, but that’s not stopping me from digging up some amazing costumes people have made.

Like this one!



This image is from Flickr user Jameswecan.  There’s also a set of photos showing the creative process from start to finish of this amazing pixelated Donkey Kong costume.  A lot of effort has obviously been put into this costume. Bravo I say!


BurgerTime World Tour is now out on Xbox Live Arcade (800 Points). If you haven’t played any BurgerTime games before, the premise is that you’re a chef who has to make enormous burgers by walking over the ingredients so they fall to the platform below.  But wait, there’s more!  There’s also plenty of food trying to stop you from achieving your burger-making goals. It’s a fairly loyal remake, and very colourful to boot. Give the trial a go if you want to see what it’s like :)



Alright, I’ll accept this…A Pac-Man Ukelele (or Paculele as the seller calls it).  I have to admit it’s pretty darn cute, especially the red ghost head!  It’s US$600 on Etsy.


And now, to finish up the post for the week, I have discovered that Elite Systems are bringing out The Elite Collection HD for the iPad. Now, don’t get it confused with the currently available ZX Spectrum Elite Collection, as this is a new series coming out soon (it has been postponed from the October 28th release).

Elite are also going to have the game pack on sale for the first week for around AU$0.99. Titles to be included in the release, as well as in the future, include: Choplifter, Bard’s Tale 1-3, Manic Miner, First Samurai, and much, much more. In fact three of the games that will be included in this collection are already available (First Samurai, Enforcer and Black Magic).





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