Dave’s Daily – 3rd October 2011

So, how is your NES game collection going folks? Does it feel as if it’s lacking in some way? Not enough cartridges on that old bookshelf of yours?




Well then, you may wish to check out these guys (working under the moniker of 72pins), who have created 8bit art which they are currently selling on NES cartridges. The various artworks resemble modern titles that you would not generally see on the NES. There are some pretty cool designs on the site, so if you need to stock up on carts with cool art, then I’d suggest  you to check out 72pins.com

This week’s chiptune will definitely bring on that happy mood for summer adventures and dancing! Sweden’s Rugar delivers with this week’s tune “A scent of Europe” from the album “My Girl, The Princess”, which is free to download on 8bitpeoples.com. Hey, it’s free, so why not? :D

While we are on the subject of chip music or making music from old computer hardware, thanks goes to Justin Yem for spotting this video in which someone has recreated the Imperial March tune from The Empire Strikes Back by just using two floppy disk drives. Genius!



Elite has gotten a name for itself on the iOS App Store with their ZX Spectrum: Elite Collection by offering something that many other emulators out there (on iOS) don’t offer: versatile controls! The tradition still stands with Elite’s “new” releases, wherein three titles which were originally on home 8-bit computers (not specific, nor described on which particular platforms) are released for just 99c each on the App Store.

The first one is First Samurai (1991 Amiga/Atari ST, 1992 C64/DOS, 1993 SNES), which is a platform game where you start out as a hermit deep in the forest, eventually becoming the first Samurai with a mission to destroy all evil across Japan.





The second title is Black Magic (1987 ZX Spectrum/C64/Amstrad CPC, etc), which is another platformer where you must find your wizard friend’s eyes (all 6 of them) across the countryside. It’s similar to Ghouls & Ghosts, except you cast spells as well.





The third title is Enforcer, with its whizbang intro music sucking you into what I consider to be what R-Type would be like if given loads of caffeine! Enforcer delivers as a challenging and engaging shooter with a slew of power-ups to keep you entertained, if the hordes of enemies don’t.



As I stated before, they’re 99c each, and available now for download. Take careful note though, that the games are separate for iPad and iPhone (not universal)


Source: Playstation Blog

Last but not least, as we mentioned last week, there was a slip-up that Sony made on their Playstation Twitter involving mentioning that Chrono Trigger is to be released on the PSN soon, followed by a complete backflip when they withdrew that statement. Looks like they’ve caved into public demand, as Chrono Trigger is coming to the US PSN according to the official Playstation blog.  No word on the EU/AU release as of yet, but no doubt we’ll let you folks know :)

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  • By Dave’s Daily – 4th November 2011 on November 4, 2011 at 7:09 am

    […] Elite are also going to have the game pack on sale for the first week for around AU$0.99. Titles to be included in the release, as well as in the future, include: Choplifter, Bard’s Tale 1-3, Manic Miner, First Samurai, and much, much more. In fact three of the games that will be included in this collection are already available (First Samurai, Enforcer and Black Magic). […]

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