Christmas is getting closer and closer, and geeks need gifts like everybody else!  So what better way to gift a geek than with chocolate?




Why not knock it up a notch, and make sure that the chocolate is shaped like a Space Invader?!  Folks, these are fantastic looking gifts, and you can tell a lot of time and effort has been put into making them. Unfortunately for Australian and other non-American chocoholics, don’t ship out to anywhere but the USA. If you are crafty enough however, you could attempt to make these yourself!


At last, one of the greatest role playing games ever released has finally hit the iOS App Store. Chrono Trigger (App Store Link) is one huge game! If you haven’t heard of this game, or played it before, then I would normally recommend you check it out on the original platform on which it was released (the US SNES and Super Famicom), but this is a damn good port.  The controls have been re-done to work on a touch screen (and quite nicely too I might add).  So if you feel the need to get an enthralling game with an indepth storyline that has 10 different endings for your iPhone, then make sure it’s this game. Chrono Trigger will be available on Android later on (hopefully not too far away!).



Whilst on the subject of epic 16bit classics on mobile phones, Famitsu has word that Mega Man X is coming to the iOS in Japan this month (other regions to follow suit hopefully). Although this platform game may not be an RPG, it is a lot of fun and is a decent addition to the Mega Man series. For more information, check out Famitsu’s news post (in Japanese).



Speaking of Japanese things, here’s an amazing piece of art by Deviant Art user CoolSurface. Mario stomping Koopa turtle in a fierce looking Anime style!


And finally, to end today’s post on a musical note, this week’s chiptune is from UK’s Unicorn Kid. He’s released a few EP’s already which include some really gorgeous 8-bit/Trance tracks. This week’s tune is Chrome Lion from his latest EP Tidal Rave. This upbeat track will definitely shake away the Monday glums! :D

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