I’m not a fan of Back to the Future. There, I typed it. Now keep in mind, I don’t hate the films, I just don’t get into it like many others do. I did play Back to the Future 3 on the SEGA Master System back in the day, and won it in under 8 minutes. Okay, so the Back to the Future games were really, really bad in the western hemisphere (I mean take a look at Angry Video Game Nerd’s videos about it).

With that said, if you have seen the videos, then you’ll know that there is one decent Back to the Future game.  But guess what? It came out only on the Super Famicom. But that’s okay, because a bunch of fans got together to translate the Back to the Future 2 game on Super Famicom. What you do with the ROM, and where it goes is up to you, but there’s a patch for it at least :)

There’s a few case mods out there for the NES, but this one has to take the cake as one of the best looking ones yet! Words can’t describe it’s beauty, so check out the video above. Which reminds me… I’m in the market for a working NES!  Hmmmmm…

Q: Which game, apart from Dune 2, was one of the timeless classics from the DOS era made by Westwood Studios, that has spawned numerous amazing sequels/spin-offs throughout the 90’s and 00’s?

A: Command and Conquer!  This classic game is now playable in your HTML5-friendly web browser. Albeit sluggish on Safari for Mac, it’s fine on Google Chrome. With that said, I’m sure that with further development of the game, things will improve.  But hey, if you’re a fan of the series and want to play a game without installing it on your computer, then give it a go! Just do keep in mind, it is in Beta.

Spotted on PlayerAttack.com

Here’s a site that compares some old-school video game company logos to the current/new ones. Great to see that Activision and Atari have changed their logos over the years. (Note: they haven’t.)

And finally, legendary retro game developer Jeff Minter from Llamasoft has released a new game for the iOS called Caverns of Minos. The objective is to descend your ship down a cavern, rescue minotaurs (which tends to be a common trend in his iOS games), and collect an item at the bottom to bring back to the surface, before your shield and energy run out. Caverns of Minos is available on the App Store (Link)

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