I regularly come across artwork created by people who have a dedicated love and passion for retro video games.  Some are very funny and some are clever.  Now these pieces I found recently are certainly eye-catching, yet many would consider them to be quite peculiar. See for yourself!


Perhaps video games are on the mind?  Makes sense to me!  This series of prints is available on the artist’s Etsy store.  I’d get in quickly though, as I’m sure something this impressive won’t last for very long!

Those of you familiar with Classic Arcade gaming, as well as the movie Tron, will find this next news item interesting.  There appears to be a petition going around which is aimed at keeping Flynn’s Arcade open in Disney California Adventure in um, California. For those of you who don’t know, Flynn’s Arcade is an iconic location in the Tron films. The arcade is an attraction at the theme park, which as you will see in the video above, contains a lot of cool and classic arcade games.

I certainly hope they’re free to play too! ;)  And even though I’m not an American citizen, I will sign that petition, purely because any place that is out there to conserve classic gaming history in some way, MUST be a good thing for humanity!

Ctrix is another artist who is presenting a beginner’s course in LSDJ, as well as performing at the After-Party for Blip Festival Australia.  Here’s a video of his gATARI, a glorious monstrosity of 8-bit/Atari/chippy goodness. The video includes a live set Ctrix did at Blip Festival Japan in 2011.

Last but not least, here’s a series of photos from Flickr user Jameswecan, in which he’s showing how he managed to make one of the best looking costumes of Donkey Kong I’ve ever seen . Great effing effort I must say, considering it was made out of styrofoam!

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