Today is an important day on the calendar- it’s Australia day!  I’d say it’s equivalent to Independence Day in the United States.  Australia day is a day for which we get to take time off from work and focus on the achievements this country has made, as well as the many impacts on our history, including video games. Last year I mentioned a few games from Beam Software (which became the former Krome Studios) which were stand outs, including the likes of Aussie Rules Footy (NES), International Cricket (NES/SNES), and Way of the Exploding Fist. Lets take a moment to embrace some other classic Australian made games which most gamers would have heard of throughout gaming history.

Dark Reign (PC Auran, 1997)

KKND (PC Beam Software, 1997)

Powerslide (PC Ratbag Software, 1998)

Krazy Ivan (Playstation/PC Tantalus Media, 1996)

Have you ever wanted to see the insides of a game cartridge or controller without having to actually pull it apart? Joystiq have a few shots of some x-rays of consoles, controllers and carts. I found it fascinating to discover that the board inside Ocarina of Time is actually bigger than the one inside Mario 64!

Do any of you remember the Sonic the Hedgehog animated series?  If you said yes, then you would probably recall that there were two different cartoons- one was light and humorous, the other was quite dark and more mature.  I am mentioning this because Beyond Home Entertainment have released the latter series on DVD.

How could I have missed this?! Capcom celebrated the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter earlier this month. Even though I’m not an enormous fan of the game series, I still appreciate and enjoy the game for what it is, and what impact it has made on the history of gaming. I’m sure Capcom will have something big in store this year, which will no doubt appeal to old and new fans of the series alike.

Wow, 25 years… Typing this is making me feel very old! :\

And finally, here is what Pac-Man would be like if he were more metal than before, and no I’m not referring to the element! I have to admit this one of the  funniest PacMan related videos I’ve seen, that is, since the Remi Gaillard skit where he dressed up as Pac-Man and ran around with ghosts in a supermarket.

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