The iCade has caused quite a storm in the gaming world, inspiring not only the iOS hacking community, but developers alike.  Naturally, there are people making games for it, and then there are those who are hacking old-school peripherals so they can work with iOS devices.




It was in this spirit that a clever person managed to get a NES controller to work with an Etch-a-Sketch.  This time, we have someone who has managed to connect a NES controller to an iPad so that it works with iCade-supported games. Even better, he used LEGO to make it! Fantastic really, but sadly apps like iMAME are no longer accessible on the App Store.  Regardless, there are plenty of games nowadays that support the iCade and will support future variants of the device. I think it’s safe to say that the future of iOS gaming will be a good one!  For a while at least.

Whilst on the subject of the future of iOS gaming, something pretty big has been released on the App Store recently- Soul Calibur!  For those of you who haven’t played it before (including myself!  Yes I know, I probably should right?), it’s a one-on-one fighting game from the late 90’s, which started in the Arcade, then moved to Dreamcast.  Then of course, sequels spawned a plenty!

App Store Link/Universal

Whilst on the topic of the Dreamcast, here is a contemporary concept design from artist Elie Ahovi. Looks great, but the question remains: if SEGA was to go back to hardware, would it succeed? Is the world ready to have more than seven major platforms for gaming consoles? I mean look at things 15-20 years ago, when there was a plethora of platforms and many games could come out on ALL of them at the same time! Crazy stuff aye?

Rockstar are still kicking off celebrations for the 10th Anniversary of GTA 3-based games (including Vice City and San Andreas).  Not only have we seen the iOS release last month, but recently Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City have also been rated for the PS3 platform on the US classification system called the ESRB. Fantastic news considering that the (current generation) PS3’s can’t play PS2 games, and don’t even bother trying with the first revision consoles, as the emulation is horrid. Either way, it’s great news for GTA fans who want to kick it old-school once again in the lounge room.

Now to end today’s post on a colourful note!  Above is some artwork someone has made out of Duct Tape.  Why, it’s none other than Bowser!  Wow, now that is an effort and a half!  Shame it would be hard to preserve :(

Spotted on Reddit.

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