I must confess, I’m a big fan of Battlefield 3.  There is just something about that game that just keeps me hooked! Is it the graphics? Mmm, maybe.  Or the intense audio used? I think so, that and the atmosphere of the game which simply pulls you in. But hang on, that’s not an old-school game now is it? Certainly not!


No, the heat hasn’t made me delusional, just have a listen to the above video and all will become crystal clear… ;)  Artist 3typen has made a sweet C64 rendition of the Battlefield tune 8-bit style. You can hear this track and other tunes on his Soundcloud page.


These kinds of illustrations are amazing. Why? Because I bet that every time you look at it, there’s bound to be something new you haven’t spotted before!  Made by artist Jérémy Huet, a great tribute to classic-gaming. Plenty more on his Flickr page.

To any Space Quest fans out there, here’s some good news: Infamous Adventures have worked hard re-creating Space Quest 2!  It’s all hand-drawn and the voices have been re-recorded. A lot of hard work has been put in to this remake, and they’re giving it away- for free! The free download is available at their homepage. Currently the Windows version is the only one available, but a Mac port is on it’s way! Infamous Adventures have also ported Kings Quest 3.

Have any of you seen the British comedy series Look Around You? If you are into hilarious, dry and obscure humour in the form of an edutainment show about science, then you may wish to check it out!  In one episode of the second season they delve in to the world of computers, and they mention one particular game which is reminiscent of something you would see on a ZX Spectrum, namely- Diarrhea Dan. And it turns out that you can still play it on the Look Around You website!


And finally, we all love going on eBay looking for cool, obscure, retro gear right? I sure do!  And here’s the Motherlode!  A mate of mine shared this behemoth with me, it’s one of the largest Nintendo collections you’ll find from an Australian seller on eBay! This wholesome swag would be the ultimate starter kit.

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