There’s something great about either running or attending a night at a bar that focuses on the celebration of classic gaming. The crowds always have genuine fun, individuals get goosebumps at the thought of playing old-time favourites again with friends and a return to a social vibe that is rarely seen in modern gaming.

Situated at the quaint and atmospherically warm La Boheme Cocktail Lounge on Grote Street, Ultracade Live is an event hosted by the renowned DJ Tr!p who is a master of composing and mixing chiptune music, dance, dubstep, electro and much more.

Although the events have been less frequent, the crowd still anticipates for the next event. We’re blessed as of late to get them more frequently closer to the end of the year and there is one on, on the 18th of December (which is less than a week away).


So what is there to expect at an Ultracade Live? Well, there’s loads of video games scattered around the venue with no corner left bare. Many classics are put on that are guaranteed crowd pleasers ranging from the NES days right up to PlayStation 2 so expect a large range to play!

In addition to the free-play, there’s a whole heap of tournaments going on through the night. Pay attention to the MC who will announce the next game on and the round at the time, grab a poker chip and wait your turn.

The tournaments from what I’ve seen are never treated seriously and the prizes are worth playing the tournaments for, more so that the tournaments are pinned up to the big projector for the venue to cheer on.

Prizes are generally provided by local gaming/anime store Shin Tokyo along with Game Dork; another local company that specialises in T-Shirts guaranteed to put a smile on a gamer’s dial.


What good is a gaming night (at a bar I might add) without beverages? Well, I can safely say that La Boheme know their s**t when it comes to cocktails. Each Ultracade Live the bar staff dress up for the occasion and also create insane concoctions themed to the events. That’s the general skinny of what to expect at an Ultracade Live, but here’s the skinny on the one on 18th December:



REVENGE OF THE NERDS | End Of Year House Party

It’s hip to be square…

80’s Themed | Multi-Area Gaming Madness
Epic Tournaments | Prizes For Best Dressed

ULTRACADE LIVE is a nostalgic club event celebrating the games, the sounds & the sprites of the golden era of video game culture.

Enter a retro digital mecca – play classic games, request your favorite themes, dance like a chic geek & get a 

Compete in casual tournaments & win game related prizes.

Each event DJ TR!P dusts his extensive private collection of consoles, games & music with everything from Arkanoid to Zelda. From the arcade golden era to the peak of the 90’s console wars to zombies vs. ninjas.

ULTRACADE LIVE is curated to celebrate an era, a console, a genre or a festival theme.

DJ TR!P mashes up an eclectic mix from classic game themes to the newest hybrid of contemporary 8-bit music & chip tunes from around the world.

Over the last 15 years DJ TR!P has spent his waking life creating 8-bit music, collecting retro games & has even traveled to Tokyo to find the best & weirdest gaming soundtracks to showcase & satisfy your inner nerd.

Free Entry.

Exclusive Drink Specials & Game Related Cocktails All Night.

Tournaments to be announced on the night…

Tournament Prizes By Shin Tokyo & Game Dork.

Follow Ultracade Live on and of course keep an eye on here for future announcements of the events!

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