The saying it’s not what you know but who you know may have negative connotations, but in the retro gaming world it’s not a bad thing. Reboot is the most prolific homebrew game creator for the under-appreciated and much-maligned Atari Jaguar, and it isn’t without a sense of irony that a single group has been able to produce a wider variety and volume of titles than Atari’s trickle of games during the console’s short lifetime. As serendipity would have it, Reboot’s programmer Lawrence also happens to live in Retrospekt town (Disclaimer: he’s also a Retrospekt member too!). With dozens of original games as well as 16-bit Atari ST/Amiga ports available for free download or purchase from AtariAge, there’s something for everyone who collects for and plays games on Atari’s failed last hurrah of a console.

Somewhat fortuitously, I’ve been tasked with editing a number of release trailers over the last few years; after the recent release of the tenth video just this week I thought it pertinent to collect them all together in one place. I’d actually forgotten about a few of them! Check the trailers out below, and look back here over time. I’m quite sure there’ll be more in the future…

Jeff Minter Classics – Llamatron 2112 and Revenge of the Mutant Camels

As I’ve previously noted in great detail, I’ve been a fan of Jeff Minter’s games since the 1980s. Not only was it my great pleasure to put together this trailer of the official ports of the classic Llamasoft titles Llamatron 2112 and Revenge of the Mutant Camels (plus one more game, see below), I was afforded the opportunity to compose the title music for the cartridge and trailer. Yes, I’m responsible for the intentionally cheesy rave music chock full of classic Llamasoft game samples. Love it or hate it – you’re welcome!

Jeff Minter Classics at AtariAge

Jeff Minter Classics – Gridrunner Unlocked

The aforementioned cartridge has a hidden third game – the Atari and Amiga port of the classic Gridrunner. When this trailer dropped on April Fool’s Day (months after it was put together), a number of punters thought it was a joke!

Last Strike

The original title Last Strike is currently available for pre-order, and evokes the feeling of classic 16-bit and arcade horizontal and vertical scrolling games. The trailer below shows and explains the variety of features.

Last Strike at AtariAge

Treasure Island Dizzy

The first of a number of official ports of the Oliver Twins’ 8 and 16-bit series starring an egg!

Treasure Island Dizzy at AtariAge

Defender of the Crown

Many, many, MANY hours were sunk into this game on the Commodore 64, so it was rather surreal being tasked with putting together the trailer for this official port.

Defender of the Crown at AtariAge

reBOOTed – Atari Jaguar Homebrew Compilation

This compilation of a number of titles inspired by the likes of Time PilotJetpacFreewaySeaquest and more is currently being produced and will be in the hands of punters soon. The variety of games on this cartridge is a great introduction to some enhanced versions of Atari Jaguar homebrew. I’ve personally sunk hours into it already.

reBOOTed at AtariAge

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe

When the mobile phone port of this Bitmap Brothers classic stopped working on my phone I was rather miffed, but not long after that happened I was asked to create the video below, and soon after that the cartridge of Speedball 2 arrived in my hot little hands. Serendipity, eh?

Speedball 2: Brutal Deluxe at AtariAge

Fantasy World Dizzy

The second Dizzy game for the Atari Jaguar, also officially licensed by AtariAge from the Oliver Twins, is now available. I wonder if there will be more…

Fantasy World Dizzy at AtariAge

Brawn and Brains

This title includes three original homebrew titles; one action based, and two puzzlers that are a little more cerebral. Hence, the cartridge title should be relatively self-explanatory.

Brawn and Brains at AtariAge

Gravitic Mines

If you like Thrust and Gravitar, this should be a game you’d likely love. An original title full of hand drawn levels (think artwork in the vein of Kolibri on the Sega 32X and Flashback) this trailer highlights the effort and love that has gone into the game (to be released in 2021).



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