Did you folks know that the sprites used for the bushes in Super Mario Bros. (NES/Famicom) are the same as the clouds, only they are given a different colour to distinguish them?


Well yeah, you’d better believe it!  Here is a video dedicated to those special clouds and bushes which is comical, yet drenched in art-house. Entitled “Bit and Run”.



The latest game (oh dear, I should add that I use the term “latest” loosely when it comes to retro games)  to appear on gog.com is Ultima 7.  Once again we are presented with another great game in the series. To be more specific, this is the release of the Complete edition which contains all the expansion packs.  Furthermore, this is the third-last game in the series. I’d include Ultima Online in the series, but that would be like saying Aliens VS Predator films are part of the Alien saga…

Available now on GOG.com

I’m sure many of you either know of, own (or have seen our panel at AVCon 2010 where it was showcased) the Atari Jaguar console. Peculiar device, and game development has proven to be somewhat intricate and complicated. Or so I thought until I saw this homebrew version of it called Kobayashi Maru. The game itself may look basic- you fly around with top view in a spaceship shooting other spaceships.  But stop and consider the complexity and challenges involved in making games not only for an ageing console, but also the architecture isn’t as straightforward as it was in other consoles back in the day.

Available as a free download on AtariAge Forums.


I spotted this on Reddit yesterday. I must say these tasty little treats are some of the coolest looking chocolates since, well, since forever?  And surely they wouldn’t be easy to make either ? Hmmm, evidently they are not too hard to make!  Something for the Christmas day spread perhaps, or even a little gift for a friend! :)


Last but not least, a port of an unexpected game on an unexpected portable console.   I mean can you even fathom the concept of Resident Evil on the Game Boy Colour? I still can’t. Considering the game and the hardware at the time, I would think it’d be an impossible feat. I guess the proof will be in the pudding.  Said pudding is Resident Evil 1 on Game Boy Colour. The developers want to make this release a reality, however at the moment the only way it can become reality is if the community donates. I’m still shocked at how well they managed to pull this off!

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