JoyPad – our gaming and music club night is back!

Retrospekt has been running JoyPad – our music, games pub/club night for nearly a decade. These events are not bound by location, but a common theme of enjoying gaming, tournaments, and of course chiptunes, synthwave, and the whole gamut of dance music in a geek-friendly and inclusive environment. Be it chilled games and DJs/live acts at one of several city bars, or a full-on post-convention dance party with local and interstate artists and huge audio and visual production at AVCon After Dark, Retrospekt and JoyPad have strived to remain one of Adelaide’s longest running parties for gamers and friends.

JoyPad – Summer 2020 started the year with a bang at The Jade, one of our favourite venues with an awesome main room, spacious outdoor beer garden, and fantastic bar and staff. Three live artists, DJs, multiple gaming tournaments…what a night! We were well-poised to once again ramp up JoyPad as a regular community and party event. But we all know what the rest of the year held in store. Cautiously and optimistically, 2021 is looking on the up, so we present to you…

JoyPad – Summer 2021 Edition
Friday 22 January
Rhino Room Basement
131 Pirie Street, Adelaide
7pm until late

Rhino Room is a South Australian icon, having hosted music and comedy events over the past several decades. After relocating from their original location to Pirie Street, they have multiple event areas within the venue for events of all types. This time around, we’ll be taking over the two-room basement section of the venue for music, gaming, tournaments and more. Read on below for full details of the night’s music and video game tournament schedule (seriously, the most packed and ambitious video game competition schedule we’ve ever filled one night with!). We hope that this is just the first of Retrospekt events for 2021; next up will be our quiz night, followed by more JoyPad, and, following these shows, who knows what else we have cooking up for you!

Click here for the Facebook event link. Respond to the event, invite your friends, and check out event details and breaking information.


We have a great music lineup for this edition of JoyPad. You can check out the details below, but as an aside if you are interested in playing live or DJing at future events, please email us here or here. We’re always on the lookout for electronic musicians and DJs who play music with chiptune, synthwave, dance, or gaming influences.

RAY MANTA: Ray Manta is the guise of Tim Koch, who has been composing, recording and touring atmospheric electronic music for the last twenty years or so (under his own name as well as 10:32). He has endeavoured to map his usual electronic-music process/ethos to the restrictions and limitations of the Commodore 64 SID chip, aiming for a more atmospheric and minimalistic musical output than is usually encountered with a 1980s based sound chip. Ray runs tape/digital/software label DataDoor.

SPOZ: You probably know Spoz from Adelaide’s longest running music blog documenting Adelaide’s music scene for the last decade or two. What you may not know is Spoz’s predilection for Commodore Amiga .MOD music, as curated in his ever awesome ‘Tiny Music’ series. We’ve managed to coax Spoz out from behind the lens to behind a computer for JoyPad. What will it sound like? What sort of music will be played. What antics will ensue? Who knows, but it’s sure to sound banging.

TAKEN: Performing at events including AVCon: Adelaide’s Anime & Video Games Festival, Sidechain (Futuresounds Adelaide), NuBlood and more, DJ Taken drops chiptune, future bass and dubstep weaving it into vocaloid, anime & video game OSTs and mashups for a style that fits right in for an event like Joypad!

FREAKCHILD: FreakChild, a dorky DJ / producer / game developer from Adelaide (as heard at AVCon and JoyPad over many years). He loves thumpin’ the nerdy beats with a penchant for gaming and hip-hop.

SK1P: From AVCon, Neko Nation, SideQuest with Futuresounds Adelaide, Square Sounds Melbourne After Party, NuBlood, and more, he’s played everywhere…man! Expect synthwave, 80s/90s, video game, chiptune, techno, drum n bass, and more influences throughout his set. Boom boom!


We can’t wait to roll through this varied and long list of tournaments on the night. We’ve split the high score tournaments into two brackets on the night; 7pm-9pm, then 9:30pm-11:30pm. We’ve included some fast paced classics ranging from Pac Man to Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 2 to Crazy Taxi, as well as a couple of of dedicated competition cartridges include Nintendo World Championships and Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge. We’ll have high score cards for all-comers to complete for you to get your game on!

On a slightly serious note, In order to remain COVID-safe we will have sanitiser and wipes for controllers and pens. Please maintain appropriate physical distancing on the night, and be aware that the venue has strict capacity limits (so get in early!). If you are unwell, please stay home to ensure everyone stays healthy. We will be back with more variations on the JoyPad event theme later in the year, so in the long run no-one is going to miss out!

We look forward to seeing old friends and new at JoyPad – Summer 2021 Edition, this Friday 22 January at Rhino Room.

PS: Invite all of your friends!



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