It should come as no surprise that influences of classic gaming in mainstream culture are on the rise. Despite the fast-paced, exciting development of new technology, it seems that people in general, not just gamers, have not forgotten where all of these wonderful advances began. I for one, am thoroughly enjoying the current trend embracing retro gaming!

So much so, that even Mashable has a list of music videos inspired with 8-bit graphics. It’s also an excuse to post this video above, something feel-good! :)


Here are some awesome looking hand-stitched fingerless Game Boy¬†gloves made by MaDonna. Unfortunately they’re not for sale, but there’s nothing stopping you from asking Nanna or Grandma to knit you some for Christmas right? ;)


Any of you who own a BlackBerry Playbook tablet at the moment are in luck, as DOSBox has been ported to work on QNX (the operating system that those PlayBook tablets use). The video above demonstrates Wolfenstein 3D and Prince of Persia.


image source: Joystiq

And finally, here’s the big, big news: Chrono Trigger is coming to the iOS and Android platform next month! And the timing couldn’t be better, considering I recently won a boxed copy of it for the SNES on eBay. Regardless, Chrono Trigger is one of those must-play, must-have role-playing games, especially if you think the likes of Skyrim and other modern RPG’s are the pinnacle of adventure games (when in comparison, they definitely aren’t). This game has over 200 hours game play (if you play the game to see all ten endings perhaps, otherwise it’s around 20-40 hours).

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