It’s 1:30AM now at the time of writing this, and I’m STILL buzzing from an extraordinary cavalcade of a night at the ever so cosy/friendly La Boheme cocktail lounge in the heart of the city of Adelaide. Every 3 months or so, there’s an event on called Ultracade, hosted by all-round top bloke, (and talented) DJ Tr!p.


Each event consists of a cornucopia of great music selected by the DJ, consisting of sweet chiptunes, and classic game scores from the well-known titles we’ve all grown with to love. As well as the music, there’s video game consoles always lined up, with hordes of patrons getting in to play and reminisce on the classic titles, and we’re not talking about ROMS here either, we’re referring to the Real McCoy (actual hardware and actual carts).

This Ultracade Live in particular was a very important one to me, as it was all about (in my extremely biased opinion) the greatest console ever made, the Super NES. The following games were on for competitions/general pissfarting around:

Mortal Kombat 2

Super Bomberman and Tetris & Dr Mario

Street Fighter 2 Turbo

As well as Super Mario Allstars, Super Mario Kart was getting a good thrashing as well!

Every Ultracade, there’s themed cocktails available for the night, which are deliciously potent:




Both were extraordinary drinks, mixes were perfect, and so many different flavours in every sip! La Boheme has once again wow’ed us with these concoctions.

I got to participate in two tournaments, Mortal Kombat 2 and Tetris. I did okay in Mortal Kombat 2, but did oh so badly in Tetris. Considering I play the bloody game every day on the way home from work on the bus. Nevertheless, with the social lubrication of the cocktails and being surrounded by video games and game tunes among other like-minded gamers, it is a whole new dimension every gamer should experience at least once in their lives.

Overall a great Thursday night out for sure. The weather forecast predicted to be showers late evening, thankfully that never happened. It was great to catch up with good mates at an event like this, just plain old fun out with alcohol and video games, in particular RETRO video games. I should also add it was great to meet a lot of new folk who are as passionate about retrogaming as we (Retrospekt) are. Looking forward to meeting them again for a beer, or a game or two somewhere somehow!

Even though, we (South Australians) may not have that new kickass gaming bar up at the top of the country which was recently opened (granted it would be nice to see happen here at a more frequent basis), but at least we still have a genuine retrogaming event which never ceases to dissapoint!

La Boheme’s hours of operation is Wednesday-Saturday, 5:00PM till Late.

La Boheme Myspace

Ultracade Live Facebook fanpage

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