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Once again Ultracade Live treats us Adeladians with a fantastic relaxing evening at La Boheme Cocktail Lounge (located on Grote Street in the CBD, right opposite Coles). Every couple of months, the renowned DJ Tr!p hosts an intimate evening in an intimate venue, cozy, decent-sized for some cocktails, socialising, either casual or competitive retrogaming (with  prizes from numerous sponsors, in particular local stores and businesses like Game Dork and ShinTokyo).

We should also mention, that one of the most important parts that makes Ultracade Live what it is, is the game/chiptunes played, of many classic titles we all grew up to love and grew up with as well as original material produced by original artists. Every Ultracade Live at La Boheme offers themed cocktails, the ones that were on offer for the Zombies VS Ninjas special were as follow;

This here is the Ninja Vanish

And this here is the Zombie Walk. Both cocktails had Gin as the key ingredient.

Plenty of games on display with rich and colourful visions on the projector throughout the night. For this particular Ultracade Live, House of the Dead, Samurai Showdown 3 and Mortal Kombat 3 were the popular ones, and ones used for the competitions.

All was good and well with gamers gaming, drinkers drinking, and socialites socialising..

Till these chaps rocked up…..


With an astounding performance from both individuals, many laughed, squirmed, and stood in complete shock and awe.. till they had to carve something out of the Zombie Ninja’s stomach… What was it…. Guts? Yes.. But there was more..


Amazing work from Zaen and Greg. The crowd cheered and laughed at the amazing performance from the duo. The winner luckily managed to walk away with a Ninja Turtles VHS.. Lets hope they have a VHS Player ;)

After the performance, what better way to wind the evening up to a nice relaxing close.. with a Mortal Kombat 3 competition, where the prizes were some swanky-ass T-Shirts from the Game Dork lads! Four people were chosen at random to get in on the competition..

The crowd goes wild! All in all a fantastic evening once again thanks to Dj Tr!p and La Boheme.. Oh also.. funnily enough.. You folks remember that competition we had running where you write a blurb in 32 words or less about your memorable retro gaming experience? Well.. the winner was at the event, luckily I had the prizes with me..

Well done Bertie!

Definitely a great night, crowd enjoyed themselves, the booze was a flowing, the atmosphere as always very friendly and social. Props to everyone who came, and who were involved with hosting the event!

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