Have you ever heard of the expression, ‘A pinch and a punch for the first day of the month?’  Well, if you’d like something classy to leave a lasting impression, these cute little Space Invaders rings are just the thing! The aliens in Space Invaders would have to be one of the most popular symbols to represent classic gaming, that also don’t happen to look like a fat Italian plumber!  And an awful lot of merchandise and paraphernalia has been spawned from those pesky invaders, such as: ice cube trays, t-shirts, mugs, glasses, pendants, calculators, business card cases, and now luckily for us, these spunky rings!


Etsy store owner Virginie Millifiore now has some sweet looking Space Invaders rings in stock . Use your own imagination regarding the occasions on which you could wear them, or just be awesome and wear them everyday! :D


Here at Retrospekt we’re not just about arcade, computer and video games, nope!  Many of us also like to dabble with the ol’ Pinball machines too. So much so, that I myself am somewhat excited about this release! From what I can gather from the video above, this Pinball machine, simply titled ‘The Pinball Arcade’, could well be one of the most realistic digital pinball games ever made. The video above will no doubt also get all of you pinball fans who don’t own (or can’t afford) a real pinball machine, just as excited as I am!  The Pinball Arcade will be out in 2012 on Android, iOS, 3DS, PSN, XBLA, Windows, Mac OS, and PS Vita.


Recently, there’s been a growing trend of more and more people developing and releasing new titles for older consoles, with the NES in particular, being the most common of the lot. There is a project on Kickstarter in progress called Goats VS Nazis. The game developer Jim Welch intends to stick to a classic NES feel in the game, and should the title succeed post-release in a digital format for free, he’ll consider expanding to physical cartridge and to mobile devices as well. From the video above, it looks like an interesting concept. If you donate, you will get trinkets in return. Check out Jim’s Kickstarter page for more information. For now, enjoy the teaser video above.


source: Wikipedia


I’ll end today’s post with this juicy little tidbit…

We all know the most common choices of Operating Systems for modern computers: Mac OS X, Linux and Windows come to mind straight away. Well, back in the 80’s and early 90’s consumers were spoilt for choices as to what to get for a home computer: ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC’s, Atari ST, SEGA SC-3000, just to name a few. However, one of the more common brands of home computers back in the day which most would recall, is of course, Commodore. With classics like the Commodore 64, Vic20, Amiga 500 and Amiga CD32. Last year I mentioned that Commodore has returned to the market by re-releasing the Commodore 64, but as an Atom-powered PC dual-bootable for Windows and BASIC. Well friends, Amiga has returned!

Companies AmigaKit and A-EON Technology have announced the release of their new desktop called the AmigaOne X1000, with plans for an amiga-based netbook to boot. The question is of course, which operating system will these Amigas run?  Hyperion entertainment released AmigaOS 4.1 in mid-August this year to work only on PPC-based computers. Interesting times ahead for sure!

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