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Oh goodness.. This has to be one of the most hypnotic, yet hilarious classic-gaming Animated GIFS yet. Okay.. so Sub-Zero went to get some Ice, Baraka got carded, and Johnny Cage went to get everyone drinks? Too hypnotic.. 

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So there’s a fair few titles on the Wii Virtual Console today (and we forgot to mention that Faxanadu on the NES is also out for 500 points last Friday). Today however we see two Neo Geo titles;

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First we see Karnov’s Revenge available at 900 points, which is one of many Street Fighter clones to embrace the original console. 

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Also at 900 points we see a Bust-A-Move look-a-like but isn’t either. It’s Magical Drop 2. A colourful puzzler combining original concepts and spinning off it’s own. 

Also released recently is 8-Bit DJ Hero. An unnoficial title based on the “(Insert Instrument) Hero” series. Made by Eric Ruth. The title should be available on the website either as a ROM. Be sure to also check out the gameplay video above. 

(Image Source: Joystiq)

Finally CNET have an article about the traditional (approximately) 5-year cycle for Video Game Consoles and how that has ended with the current generation Consoles (with the help of extending them with add-ons. That’s right isn’t it? NES in 1986 (depending where you live), SNES in 1991, N64 in 1996..

Okay hold on, SEGA didn’t follow that path did it? 1986 for the Master System, ‘88 for Mega Drive then every 12 months give or take an add-on for the Mega Drive came out and then (Mega CD in 1991, 32x in ‘94, Saturn in 1995 and Dreamcast in 1998).. hmm Okay.. Either way we see what CNET is trying to talk about here.. That this is the period in Video Game History where ALL the current-gen home consoles are in the market for more than 5 years.

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