This week is C.E.S week. And what exactly is C.E.S?  It’s the Consumer Electronics Expo, an annual event which runs over four days in the United States.  It opened in Las Vegas yesterday (January 9th),  with loads of amazing new gadgets already showcased and announced!  The majority of the technology is new, but there are also some treats for fans of the old!


There are, of course, announcements from ION Audio, the company who made the iCade device (review). Not even first day in, and they have announced new iCade variants! First off, the iCade Core is a somewhat cut down version of the original classic design, with the top part of the cabinet gone, leaving the joystick, buttons and a cradle to put the iPad on. The next two variants focus more on the iPhone/iPod Touch devices, one being the iCade Mobile (video of the device from Engadget). And finally, there is the iCade Jr. which is the original arcade cabinet design, cut down to size for the iPhone.

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Whilst on the subject of recent announcements, GameInformer have the latest scoop, plus the first screenshots, about the forthcoming remake of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. For those of you who haven’t played this series of games, they are traditionally isometric turn-based action strategy games, where you control a squad of troops destined to fend off alien races from attacking earth. I find it interesting that the company Firaxis, who are more well-known for Sid Meier’s Civilisation series, will be involved. Will it be faithful to the classic? I’m crossing my fingers, that’s for sure! The XCOM remake will be available for PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Perhaps, if you are overwhelmed by the excitement of all of these new gadgets, you could consider resting your head on one of these Mario Tanooki rugs!  Great looking designs, which can also double as a wall hanging. These gorgeous rugs are available on Etsy, and no they are NOT made from real Raccoons. Thanks for the find Christy!

And finally, I’ve stumbled upon a heap of these YouTube recordings from Television in the United States, in which Sonic is appearing in a car insurance commercial. I would most definitely like to think that the company have gotten authorisation to use Sonic in them. Or maybe Sonic is trying to make ends meet? I doubt it considering how good Sonic Generations really is…

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