Yesterday we talked about Konami posting on Facebook asking the community on what should be the next retro title to be rebooted.. Today we see this pop up on the web;



Originally this is artwork on Dueling Analogs, now made into a poster which you can purchase here. I’ve ordered two actually :) One will be put in to a prize pack we’re working on which will be quite appealing to you folks out there :) So there’s one clue on what one of the prizes will be!


I’m sure that by now, you guys know of this awesome peripheral for the iPad, the iCade. I’ve reviewed it, showcased it at a local game developer’s gathering where many gawked and grinned at, and now we see iWorld Australia have picked up the rights to resell it soon! This is exciting news no doubt, as developers are slowly starting to add support to the device in their games, and the list keeps growing.

Here’s an interesting twist to an existing franchise. The YouTube video above is a preview of Team Fortress Arcade (not done by Valve), gone back to the roots of classic multi-player arcade side-scrollers. You play as the classes that we all know and love of Team Fortress, but with many twists. Eric Ruth did state in the video that it will be out end of August. For more of Eric’s classic de-makes, check out



And finally, Amazon has for pre-order, a very cool book, called Mega Man Tribute. This collection will contain a biiiig slew of artwork made by fans dedicated to one of the greatest platform franchises of video gaming history (which isn’t Mario, for a change!)

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