Following up from yesterday’s post with the big announcement of Cannon Fodder 3 from Codemasters and GFI Publishing, PC Gamer have scored screenshots of the upcoming reboot/sequel thingy. Hard to believe that it’s been 11 years since the last Cannon Fodder game (and we’re referring to the GameBoy Colour title). Keep in mind that there was going to be a PS2/PSP version of it and was to be released 6 years ago, even talks of possibly an iOS version, but they got cancelled. 

(Image Source: Arcade-Gameover)

This week on the Wii Virtual Console, we’re seeing two more Capcom arcade classics! 1942 which is a textbook title, a very well-known overhead shooter pitting you against the Japanese army, on your way to Tokyo. 800 points for that one on the store. 

(Image Source: Arcade-Gameover)

The second title is Black Tiger, which has been seen as a spiritual successor to Ghosts n’ Goblins. A rich and colourful platformer which spawned many ports to many gaming devices! Also at 800 points for this classic. 

Well well well! iDOS has come back to the iOS App Store (hopefully for good this time). What can be said about this? Download it! (App Store Link) and whilst that is happening, let us tell you about it in brief. For starters, it comes with 6 DOS titles (Duke Nukem 1 & 2, Wolfenstein 3D, Major Stryker, Kroz and Supernova) the controls aren’t too bad, Wolf 3D’s controls however are quite flakey (no doubt they will fix all of this as time goes on). 

You can even access DOS itself as well for nostalgic purposes, but you can’t install any software onto it. There is an in-app purchasing system for the games (But they’re free for now, as is the app itself!) So go for it! Before it gets taken down! (oh and it’s universal, meaning it will work on an iPhone or iPad). Oh and don’t type “exit” in the DOS prompt.. it breaks the app (as in you can’t play any games), so to fix that, just close and reopen the application.

And finally, to start the weekend in party mode, here’s a talented beatboxer, beatboxing some Street Fighter.. how does it sound? Check the YouTube video! 

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