Source: Deviant Art user Shampooteacher

We would love to post a link and screenshots, and talk more about the fact that DotEmu has re-released the controversial game which started the franchise: “Postal” and is for sale on their site, but due to the Australian Laws on Classifications, we best not to test them by posting said links or screenshots. So instead here’s photos of some cute Mega-Man style designs of the Mortal Kombat characters! Pretty well done aye? 

Kickass! A mechanical funtastical work of art here. Pac-Man in clockwork! Who wants to buy 50 once they’re complete? Assuming they’ll sell them that is. Simply called the Pactuator, which is part of a larger project. There’s a bit of a spiel on the blog about whether anyone wants one or not, and whether he’ll make more of them as well.

Source: GadgetSin

Ohohoh.. Even though many of us at Retrospekt kind of don’t condone MAME emulation, it’s hard not to escape it’s convenience and (above else) fun factor. This is simply amazing, a couple of coffee tables made and uploaded here, amazing why? because they’ve got Arcade joysticks with a tele built in! 

And finally, SEGA have gone nuts on the iOS App Store, they’ve dropped the price of just about every game they released on there, in particular the classic retro titles! Like oh.. Ecco the Dolphin, Columns/Puyo Puyo, Golden Axe, and of course Streets of Rage (Hell, getting the game just for the title music alone is worth it!) So go nuts on your iTunes and grab a few classics :D

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