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Awwwww heaps good! Pac-Man and ghosts neon’d!! Would be kickass to put in a retro-gaming lounge or something identical ;) If only they were still for sale.. Bugger!!

If you’re okay with using controls in a game on a touchscreen-orientated portable device, then maybe You’ll be okay with getting this app for your iOS device. Just get this application for your device, get the software for your Windows or OSX-based computer, and away you go. Play games with what ever console you wish to play. Yes yes it’s mainly for emulators, but the sky’s the limit with the technology there, right? 

Lite Version

Full Version

It’s that time again for the “rarities going for loads of monies on eBay” segment of the blog.. This time we see a one of a kind Fox McCloud statue from Nintendo Seattle in 1992. Too late peeps, it went for around AU $800+ 

And finally, well.. do you have a spare hour to watch a YouTube video of a bloke playing through games from start to finish? CornShaq’s channel is for you then. Very informative, and quite interesting to kick back and watch. 

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