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Good to see there are still fans of Alex Kidd out there, especially of those horrid Janken stages.. Friggin rock paper scissors.. PFFFF!

This cabinet, is what a bulldog would be like,¬†as a puppy.¬†Adorable little play thing, but full of anger and gore.. uh one way or another.. A fully working mini Mortal Kombat arcade machine. Re-created from a Mortal Kombat Plug n Play unit. Too bad they’re no longer for sale :( Thanks eBay..

Awesome, the untimely classic action game Jet Set Willy (which came out on a slew of 8-bit computers from back in the day), in particular came out for the iOS today, or yesterday. One of the two days! Elite Systems has pumped out this game (based on the ZX Spectrum one) for both the iPad or iPod Touch/iPhone. What’s awesome about this particular release is that if you own more than one device, one can be plugged into the tele, and the other as a keyboard/controller. Check it out yo!

(App Store Link)

And finally, have you ever played Link’s Awakening on the Nintendo GameBoy (or Super Game Boy perhaps?) No? You still have an opportunity to do so, with this remake. Our first impressions on the game, is that wait, are we playing Link to the Past or Awakening? The music has been re-done quite faithfully, and still holds that gorgeous charm that a lot of Zelda music has had in the past, and the graphics? It’s like the 16-bit SNES classic but with additional enhancements. All created in RPG Maker, so it’s only available for Windows (or run it in a VM on your Mac/Linux box).

But be quick, no doubt Nintendo would be hammering away with a Cease & Desist letter to these chaps. Hopefully it doesn’t happen, but either way Retrospekt recommends, that if you want the full experience of the game, in it’s true original form, PLAY IT ON CARTRIDGE! ;D

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