(Source: DeviantArt user Paul Robertson)

Ah yes, Puyo Puyo, or Kirby’s Avalanche (Ghost Trap depending on the region), or even Dr Robotnik’s Mean Bean Machine to name a few clones of Puyo Puyo. Great puzzle game, and great artwork from the man who did the artwork for the Scott Pilgrim VS The World video game :)

Here’s a hilarious series on YouTube, called Awesome Video Games. The idea is that the two fellows (who are brothers) preview and showcase retro video games, with the wacky visuals of an early 90’s kids show. The way they do it is quite clever, and extremely comical, considering they’re showcasing games and consoles like they’ve never played it before. The episode chosen above, is where they play Super Mario Bros. for the first time ever.

Whilst on the roll of comical stuff, Dorkly have a hilarious list of some terrible ideas for Video Games done in box art form. Poor Chrono….

And finally, the ever lovely, ever awesome Rinry posts a new video similar to the one where she stress tested NES cartridges with different extreme environments, but this time delving into the SEGA Mega Drive and the SNES cartridges.. The end result is quite intriguing. Enjoy :D

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