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Indeed. If only email spam was this entertaining! Oh well!!

Toucharcade recently scored screenshots and a trailer for the up and coming Speedball 2 Evolution reboot of the classic brutal sports title from Bitmap Brothers.

Looks like a lot of fun when this comes out! Especially with the Career and Multiplayer modes inclusive with this reboot. Later this month we’ll see this release :)

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Alright, this is awesome, combining LEGO and Street Fighter.. Note this is not an official release from Capcom or LEGO for that matter, but not far off from looking like it aye? 

This week’s tune goes to US’s own Leeni, and the track is Underworld (from the album Labyrinth). Short, but gorgeous piece which resembles what Björk would compose with an 8-bit influence.  

Finally, NEW Angry Video Game Nerd came out near the last weekend, probably his best one yet, covering Star Wars games. Enjoy!!

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