Alright folks, planning on going to the US in around May? You might want to do it around the dates mentioned above, and in New York City. Why? Because Blip Festival, a huuuge 3-day chiptune music festival is on, and worth checking out! Line-ups in the past included many well-knowns in the scene, even Adelaide’s own Little-Scale got to strut his stuff :D 

(Source: Fangamer)

Nyawwwww! What a gorgeous little keyring! US or PAL/Japanese SNES controllers all pixelated and cute! Purchase from the store HERE.

Alrighty! There seems to be a PS1 emulator in development and coming out for the Android OS soon! Here’s a video of Gran Tursmo 2. 

Whilst on the subject of portable game consoles, Cyan games have dropped the price by half on the classic sequel to Myst, Riven (App Store Link). Perhaps to roll in the HD version coming soon? Who knows, either way, if you’re a fan of the series? Might as well grab the sequel now at 50% off (around AU$3.99). 

Finally, have a look to this trailer of Joysticks, a typical b-grade 80’s American comedy with a serious twist. Well IMDB gives it an average of 3.1 out of 10, but who’s to judge unless one’s seen it right?.. Anyway, this has quite a cliche’d storyline, some kids run a Video Arcade, and have a swell time, but some local businessman wants to shut it down probably for some land or something? So the kids and their mates and the patrons of the video arcade fight back.. 

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