I confess, I’m a big Futurama fan, and also as big a fan of Chrono Trigger, Seeing this artwork made me smile in a derp way :3 Farnsworth as Lucca? Brilliant!!



From DeviantArt user SpaceCoyote.



Dragon’s Lair as an 8 or 16 bit port didn’t turn out as well as it was on the Arcades, Laserdisc (which is what the Arcade version had), iOS, and other CD-based home systems from back in the day. Recently, on another site a thought-to-be-long-lost-prototype was discovered for the Mega Drive, and now a ROM is available for download. From looking at the video above, it seems that the port is not far off from the SNES version of the game (with the exception of graphics). Either way, it’s good to see that it’s available for the world to absorb and play!


A recent (re)release on GOG.com caught my attention. This one was a quirky underdog which had a lot of popularity considering. Normality Inc. (or Normality) is a DOS-based adventure game, where you play as Kent, an awkward citizen who has been imprisoned by the totalitarian government in the game. Your role is to pretty much unravel the mystery, and break the oppressive govenment’s regime and bring obscurity back to society. Fun game, intriguing storyline, and entertaining visuals, packaged into quite a traditional PC-based adventure game. (link to GOG’s page)

This week’s chiptune goes to Little-Scale, another extremely talented local 8-bit musician, which covers a big bracket of genres laced in with 8-bit soundscapes. As well as Xandox, he’s performed live at the Retrospekt 2.0 Launch Party back in early June, and the video above showcases his energetic set (With VJ’ing provided by Hal Bird & BIG.DOS) Little-Scale will be joining Xandox and myself (as DJ DK81) to the stages at the AVCon Games Night this Saturday evening at the Adelaide Convention Centre.  To check out more music of Little-Scale’s head over to his 8bitcollective page here.


And finally, you would have seen Angry Video Game Nerd’s video about the Action 52 cartridge for the NES and Mega Drive (Genesis) right? Well then, I watched those episodes last night after a heavy night of preparations for AVCon, and thought “hmm I wonder how much this would be on eBay?” I checked.. There’s a sealed copy of it for the NES going for US$900, I mean here’s the link for it (eBay). Sealed and in mint condition… $900? Well either way, it’s a lot of money for such a game, considering..

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