For your information folks, the Voltron DVD Boxset competition is well over.. The winner will be announced on Dave’s Daily, Wednesday the 1st’s September. In the meantime;




Source: Mental Floss

If  there were to be a place of prayer, combined with a place of gaming to the all-powerful consoles and arcades? This place would be littered with these geeky stained glass designs. Thanks goes to Shannon for the link, very very cool!



New Angry Video Game Nerd is out, this is a special episode as he covers the Nintendo World Championships cartridge for the NES, which was a special cartridge used for competitions in the US in 1990. Also are very VERY valuable.


Source: Etsy

Would you consider yourself a bit of a Star Wars fan? Also a fan of the SNES and Nintendo 64? Well then, why not combine the two with a custom-modded (NTSC) SNES and Nintendo 64 crammed into a T-47 Snowspeeder, and a Darth Vader’s Tie Advanced. Etsy is where you can get it.

And finally, if you recall the interview Marcus did with Australian iOS developer Brandan Williamson of Nyarlu Labs, who made the infamous title “Forget-Me-Not”, which is tight retro-homage to games like NetHack, and Pac-Man. It’s a lot of fun on the iPad and iPhone, but now it’s available on Windows and Mac OSX.

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