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It just had to be done didn’t it? Super Nyan Mario.. Oh dear..




Source: Macrumors

Many know what Doom is right? How many of you have heard of, or played Marathon? Well it was Bungie’s first flagship title, and first only came out on the Mac back in the early 90’s. A lush game, and was way more advanced than Doom was back in the day. So it’s coming to the iPad soon, and for free as well. More on that once it arrives!


Whilst on the subject of Macs here, if you have the latest OS on yours, then you probably know about the Mac App Store on the dock at the bottom? From there you could type in something like oh.. 8bit Drummer, and you have your own 8-bit themed drum machine software.  (Mac App Store Link)


Urban myths and legends, we all love them right? Well Cracked has unraveled 8 of their most creepiest which happen to be true! Covering of course new AND old games as well as spreadsheet software in that article.


And finally, this week’s tune comes from Sydney-based breakcore/dub/glitchy/awesomeness, Abortifacient. This bloke is coming down to Melbourne for Soundbytes 9. An extravaganza chiptune gig which runs quarterly. I’ll be heading down for Soundbytes in a couple of weeks, so I’ll definitely write-up about it, and film/photograph as much as I can as well! Should be an amazing night!

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