Ah yes.. Memes.. If you’re an avid net surfer (do people still use the term surf when referring to the internet? I never pay attention to that anymore), you would have been exposed to at least one of the common ones. I feel righteously guilty for spreading this one to my friends, now they cringe more than ever with anything to do with it. With that said, many have shown me this:


Source: J.R. Barker


Of course it had to be done, one way or another Nyan Cat had to be a crammed onto a mock retro games cartridge box.

Every year in Los Angeles, an art gallery called “iam8bit” hosts what’s called “SUPER I am 8bit”. Now what in the Sam Heck is that you ask? Well, it is a yearly event where artist submit amazing, and I mean AMAZING artwork dedicated to classic gaming. Many infamous artists have submitted to this exhibition, even Paul Robertson¬†made some pieces just for this exhibition. So if you’re in Los Angeles, on Western Sunset Boulevard, 2147 to be exact, drop on by. Wishing I was there to check it out.. You might have a chance, as long as it’s before September 10th.



Source: Retro Gaming Australia

Well this is a huge relief, I was almost going to fork out for a PS3 so that I can play Metal Gear Solid again (mind you, after seeing WipEout HD and the God of War trilogy, I may still try to somehow conjure up a chunk of Fort Knox to get a Playstation 3). I used to actually have Metal Gear Solid on the PC. Great game, and great port as well! Anyway, let me waffle on about Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This is a huge collection. Initially when I read about it, I thought, okay.. So Konami (I thought just) included Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker. Okay, not too retro there is it? No, BUT.. here’s the nutcracker friends; Matt, over at RGA has spotted on Hideo Kojima’s Twitter, that the HD Collection will be including the above titles mentioned, as well as Metal Gear 1 & 2, and technically Metal Gear Solid as well ¬†(via a download). More on the Australian release once the story unravels.

And finally, quite a short, but definitely comical video of Link in real life situations. Always with the pots Link, what is it with you and the pots? LET IT GO! *clang*


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