Ah yes.. Memes.. If you’re an avid net surfer (do people still use the term surf when referring to the internet? I never pay attention to that anymore), you would have been exposed to at least one of the common ones. I feel righteously guilty for spreading this one to my friends, now they cringe more than ever with anything to do with it. With that said, many have shown me this:


Source: J.R. Barker


Of course it had to be done, one way or another Nyan Cat had to be a crammed onto a mock retro games cartridge box.

Every year in Los Angeles, an art gallery called “iam8bit” hosts what’s called “SUPER I am 8bit”. Now what in the Sam Heck is that you ask? Well, it is a yearly event where artist submit amazing, and I mean AMAZING artwork dedicated to classic gaming. Many infamous artists have submitted to this exhibition, even Paul Robertson made some pieces just for this exhibition. So if you’re in Los Angeles, on Western Sunset Boulevard, 2147 to be exact, drop on by. Wishing I was there to check it out.. You might have a chance, as long as it’s before September 10th.



Source: Retro Gaming Australia

Well this is a huge relief, I was almost going to fork out for a PS3 so that I can play Metal Gear Solid again (mind you, after seeing WipEout HD and the God of War trilogy, I may still try to somehow conjure up a chunk of Fort Knox to get a Playstation 3). I used to actually have Metal Gear Solid on the PC. Great game, and great port as well! Anyway, let me waffle on about Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This is a huge collection. Initially when I read about it, I thought, okay.. So Konami (I thought just) included Metal Gear Solid 2, 3, and Peace Walker. Okay, not too retro there is it? No, BUT.. here’s the nutcracker friends; Matt, over at RGA has spotted on Hideo Kojima’s Twitter, that the HD Collection will be including the above titles mentioned, as well as Metal Gear 1 & 2, and technically Metal Gear Solid as well  (via a download). More on the Australian release once the story unravels.

And finally, quite a short, but definitely comical video of Link in real life situations. Always with the pots Link, what is it with you and the pots? LET IT GO! *clang*


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