Woooowww!!!! What an awesome night!! Thank you all for coming down to help celebrate! Wouldn’t have been possible without DJ Trip, Aliyaki, HugePedlar, Xandox, Little-Scale for providing amazing tunes! and of course Hal Bird and BIG.DOS for providing some insanely good visuals!

Also this wouldn’t have been possible without Gametraders, Game Dork, AVCon and Pulp Fiction Comics for the awesome prizes! Also a big shout out to the amazing Retrospekt team! Amazing individuals who don’t hold back with their passion for classic gaming, and making a difference here in this town. And finally special thanks to our friends and family who have supported us all along the way! So without further ado, I and the team, welcome you to the new website, hope you like it! So have a poke around, and be sure to check through our archive of articles.. We have a bucketload on there! So, lets get on with it aye?


Oh dear, quite a groaner, but one can’t help but laugh (don’t worry, I did). Mortal Kombat characters in a “sitcom” style cartoon. Hey speaking of, anyone here played Mortal Kombat 9 yet? I must say it’s pretty damn good, as in “no really, disregard the violence/gore for a second here, and absorb the gameplay” kind of pretty damn good! Potential “tournament” material in my honest opinion.


Source: Tokyo Fashion Diaries

Well this was inevitable, this here is a photo from a fashion parade in Japan recently. Wow, I must say that those clothes are pretty damn stylish! There’s plenty more photos in the actual webpage, so.. ladies, gents, etc’s, would you folks see yourselves wearing such dresses? Hit us up on the comments, on what you think about’em!

Toucharcade reviewed the iCade.. What on earth is that you ask? Well.. if you have an iPad (as well as the Atari’s Greatest Hits app), this will turn your device into a miniature desk top arcade cabinet! Are they available in Australia yet? Doesn’t look like any overseas orders are available till after 9th of June give or take. Either way, keep looking on ThinkGeek.com for more info and availability.


Source: Gamepron

The beauty of bootlegs, or forgotten prototypes, is that people when they come across a rom of a game, they’ll redistribute it onto the web. Fair enough, but why not take it to the next level, and sell it as a boxed NES game package, the full dealio? Well that’s what happened to Jaleco’s unreleased Roller Derby game War on Wheels. Of course the NES Dump has an order page. Be quick though, as the game is limited to 250 only

And finally, this week’s Chiptune, I suggest those amazing artists who performed live at the Launch Party on Saturday night, as no doubt people would be keen to know where to hear their work online:



DJ Tr!p


Do yourselves a favour, if you missed the show on Saturday, or even attended the show, hit each link above and grab as much as you can. Okay that’s all for today, tune in tomorrow for more on the know of retrogaming

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