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Fascinating revelation from a Reddit user. Whatever Nintendo is doing, is working for them really. The successes in sales from all the devices shown above (yes including the Virtual Boy, even though it only sold around what, under 800,000 or so devices?) History keeps repeating itself.. I didn’t own a Gamecube as I had an Xbox at the time, so mind you, I haven’t had the chance to see whether the whole GameBoy-Advance-as-a-controller system worked out for them or not. With that aside, who’s pumped about the Wii U? Anyone here? I have a Wii, PAL one, and am tempted to replace it for the Wii U, but might wait it out on how it will be presented as a whole.

My two cents on the device? Interesting. Very very interesting device. Why interesting? Well, considering that (practically) a tablet is used as a primary controller for gaming is quite intriguing, and with additions to the WiiMotes on top of that, also opens up numerous Pandora’s boxes for developers to make some pretty crazy stuff with combining these devices. More importantly what’s going to happen to Virtual Console? (I mean hell.. the Wii U itself won’t support GameCube games anymore..)


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Until then however we’ll take a look at Super Adventure Island 2 in Monster Land for the SNES on the Virtual Console. This thing weighs at 800 points, and is much more in-depth than Super Adventure Island. Mind you that the storyline is identical, it’s just a different kind of game.. more RPG elements added to this solid platformer. Is it any good? Myeaaah! I’ll say it’s worth a bash!


Over in Melbourne, Retro Gaming Australia has been celebrating Duke Week this week.. Duke.. Nukem Forever.. I mean what, 14 or so years it’s taken for this game to come out. Oh and before you ask “is it any good?” I’ve tried an early-access demo of the game last weekend, and can safely say? It’s not going to make people’s brains explode in the thought that the game will be life changing and “revolutionary”, it would probably explode more of the majority’s brains from how UNrevolutionary it is..

Personally however? I don’t give two 20’s and a 10 to change a $50. In other words I don’t want it to be something revolutionary, I didn’t EXPECT it to be either. Importantly that it was fun, and I’ll be picking up my copy of the Balls of Steel edition today at some point as well. Going off track here, but Matt from has been extremely busy in providing insane amounts of content all to do with Duke Nukem. Bravo Matt :D


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Fancy playing Portal Tetris? A cross-universe classic title which is too addictive to not share with you all. It’s so much fun, click HERE to play it!

And finally for this week, this is a fantastic example of classic gaming hitting the mainstream media. These competitors perform an amazing Ice Skating duet to the theme of Super Mario Bros. and not just to the tune either!

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Would have been perfect if they used a Dendy console.. Considering it was in Moscow when this took place.. Wait, you haven’t heard of the Dendy console? Well folks, we know of the Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom) console right? Well the Dendy was Russia’s very own Famiclone!

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