There is no doubt that the most infamous duo in a fighting game, has to be these two.. Pity their powers are too much for today’s society, even when going to a supermarket…



Poor Ken… See the rest of the comic at the source.

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Konami is on the prowl it seems, and on Facebook of all places. They’re reaching out to the gaming community asking what re-release should be seen from them, on XBLA and PSN networks. Personally? I’d love to see a reboot of Metal Gear Solid in HD, considering the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, is coming to the PS3 and Xbox 360, but with the absence of the first Metal Gear Solid game. I don’t know what else should come out as a reboot.. Contra? Should it be a full-blown retail title? or rebooted in a tight and smooth package like Bionic Commando Rearmed? Perhaps Dance Dance revolution rebooted to work with Kinect? Or a full-blown Parodius reboot? Cybernator and/or Sunset Riders would make nice reboots to play on said consoles as well! There’s plenty more I just thought of, but yeah won’t make this paragraph much bigger than it is now.. oops..


FINALLY got a chance to check out the classic DOS Capture-The-Flag style RTS, by the Bitmap Brothers simply called “Z” which came out last week on the iOS platform. As with many of the games I’ve covered, played, reviewed, or spoke about, this one has definitely brought back some good memories (and frustrations thanks to the intense AI). Simple concept in this game, your red army of robots are to take over territories of each map in a capture the flag style situation, trying to beat the blue team to the territory. I remember owning the Platinum edition, which included some cool swag like a keychain, t-shirt, mousepad, pin, and as well as the original game, you also got a “director’s cut” demo. Little was known, that you were able to grab the sound files from the director’s cut, and copy them to the installed files on the retail version to get the full vulgar language unlocked :D Either way, it was a fun game, and playing this again on my iPad made me remember why I lost my hair.. (App Store Link Universal app).

And finally, here’s what happens when Link (from my favourite Zelda game: Link to the Past) gets hold of the infamous Portal Gun, from.. uh.. Portal.. Yet another funny and well-made video from the folks at Dorkly!

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