Nothing beats some good chiptunes right? What about a good 8-bit tune with a sweet video backing it?

Artist Eclectic Method, on Vimeo, has drummed up a cool homage to 8 and 16bit gaming using a slew of samples from the games many of us grew up with and loved. Consider it an awesome medley of game tunes rolled into one “mixed tape”. I have to admit though, and perhaps even warn you, that this video is quite manic!


Source: 1up

I know a couple of mates who are going to Japan soon, so I think it would be fitting for them (and yourselves of course!) to check out this guide on 1up’s website. The guide covers a few gaming bars around the Tokyo District including the previously mentioned 8bit Cafe. From what I gather in the photos, they’re all quaint looking places- cosy, small, intimate and friendly!

If you’ve ever owned a Mac in the 90’s, then you would probably know of the classic game “Glider”.  The concept of the game is simple, you fly a paper plane down a corridor of a house and avoid obstacles whilst trying to get the longest glide and largest score, all in one go. And now what? Yes, you guessed it!  It’s coming out for iOS sometime in 2011 (according to the teaser video from YouTube).


Finally, this recently finished and quite beautiful project (even though it promotes emulation…*grumble grumble*), is nevertheless a sweet looking gaming device. So it’s a PC inside a NES and when you plug it into the television you get a gorgeous menu in which you can select from 700 or so Nintendo Entertainment System titles. Again, even though this is an emulator with ROMs (and as a personal preference I prefer the real deal: Cartridges and Consoles), I have to admit this is very well done.

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