AAaaaaaaaarrrrgh!!!!! SEVEN DAYS! PANIC MODE AAAARGH… *ahem*

I for one am extremely excited that AVCon 2011: Retro is only a week away! Time has flown very quickly for us, as we’ve been so frickin busy preparing for some pretty cool stuff for you folks to check out at the convention! If you’ve been to our panel last year where we covered a slew of games consoles which weren’t as well-known in Australia, then you guys are in for a special treat this time round;



Saturday, 12:30PM in the Main Hall, we’re presenting “Ready Steady Retro”, where we pit the most infamous two consoles to brand “Console Wars” to a more popular definition; The Super Nintendo and the SEGA Mega Drive. We will showcase several games that we thought definitely stood out between it’s counterparts on the 16 bit consoles, and you as the audience get to vote on which console dominates each round, it’s not a Retrospekt panel without you guys having a go at the games either! We have prizes to give away, kindly provided by Gametraders Marion, and Game Dork! Take note, that the panel is rated MA15+


On Sunday, 4:00PM in Theatre 2, we’re presenting “Anime in Retro Games”, delving in to the world of classic Anime retro games! Though many of the games of you will see have never been released officially in Australia, many of the characters in these games are quite well-known! Prizes once again kindly provided by Gametraders Marion, and Game Dork.

But that’s not all, other events we’ll be involved in;

On Saturday night, I’ll be DJ’ing as DK81 playing some geeky 8-bit music, whilst supporting the extra awesome local live 8-bit talent Xandox, and Little-Scale! Paul will be around the place hosting a Super Bomberman tournament!! Shyeah, it’s going to be loads of fun folks!! $5 entry if you don’t have a ticket to AVCon, otherwise it’s free entry to all AVCon punters :D oh and the event is Ages 15+


Then on Sunday, it’s Super Ultimate Gamer: Retro Edition! We’re co-hosting this year’s Ultimate Gamer. Now what is Ultimate Gamer? A healthy dose of gaming in a space of couple of hours. The interesting thing about this tournament, is that there’s no pre-preparation for you guys, we mention the title, console, and you guys come up and battle it out! The selection we have for you this year is guaranteed to make you laugh, cry, rage, and smile. There will be a registration table that myself and Paul will be at, oh yes, you MUST register to be in it, why’s that you ask? Well if you do well in the tournament, you could win yourself a Nintendo 3DS as first prize! And the runner-up gets to go home with a Wii! Special thanks to Team AVCon for for the amazing prizes for you guys to compete for, and letting us co-host, as well as helping out with this event. Again, the 3DS and the Wii are 1st and 2nd prizes for the tournament!

There is so much more on at AVCon that you guys MUST check out;

– Modern video game tournaments

– Rock Band

– More cool Panels

– Anime screenings

– Cosplaying

– Little Kuriboh from Yu-Gi-Oh the Abridged Series

– More cool panels!

– AMV Iron Editor (just added this in to the list, thanks for reminding me DoctorDazza) ;)

– More cool panels!

– Karaoke

– Former hosts: Ryan and Jade from Cheez TV

– Artists Alley (local artists promoting their awesome artwork and trinkets!)

– Independent video games showcase!

– Even more cool panels!

Ah the list goes on friends, but either way, there will be a lot on, and there will be something for everybody who appreciates Video gaming and Anime.

AVCon 2011 Timetable

AVCon Ticket and Merchandise pricing



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